Massive UFO Re-fueling at the Sun?

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PostFri Oct 11, 2013 1:13 pm » by goku

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PostFri Oct 11, 2013 1:56 pm » by Slith

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PostFri Oct 11, 2013 2:55 pm » by Chronicnerd

This is going to sound very lazy of me...

This particular event happened within the past year, and we did have several "Sun watching" threads discuss it and talk about "Nibiru" and/or some large planet funneling energy from the Sun.

The lazy part is that I am tired of delivering mounds of information regarding these things, I think it is in one of the larger "Sun watching" threads (orbs or the like).

Here are the problems with this:

1.) The video is only showing a specific *light frequency range*... which means: one is not viewing all of what you would see with a "non-filtered" view.

2.) Various frequency ranges/filters show the different *energetic states* of the sun and the plasma swirling around on the outer region of the sun being influenced by magnetic fields.

3.) If you viewed the *entire* frequency range of this set of images, you would see that where the "roundish" looking portion (which only appears for a short period) actually has *many* gradients in the *full spectrum* images.

4.) What you are witnessing is a *very large* prominence coupled with a large magnetic field that is *moving*.

5.) Magnetic fields *naturally* form arcs and "circular" looking fields:

6.) The Sun's Magnetic *North* started moving back around the beginning of the Solar Maximum:

What this guy is showing is nothing more than the dominant *North Fields* starting to shift/move down towards the *South Fields*...which in turn creates tightly pressed/strong magnetic fields which create more of a "flow" of plasma particles. As the particles move away from the sun, they become less energetic (cooled). The majority of the more *energetic* particles "stick" to and move along the magnetic fields.

But what about that "spiral" looking line which looks like something is "sucking" plasma from the sun?

When plasma "floats" over the sun, typically referred to as a "prominence", it will become polarized itself.

If the polarity of the fields from the sun start to move, the prominence will move along with the fields.

If the poles of the Sun are moving during this period...

Then a prominence can move enough to where one end is almost perpendicular to the Sun...

This is nothing more than the Sun's magnetic fields moving while a large prominence was already formed on the sun...and the movement of the fields making it "look" like it is an object "sucking" stuff from the sun...

When in reality... it is only showing *a limited* frequency range (energetic state range) of the Sun during a large magnetic field movement...

The guy in the video (or the person who edited the video) cuts the video stream off right as the whole prominence and field collapses...which would show more of what it *really* was and less of what it *looked* like.

It is very similar to seeing "shapes in the clouds"....when looking at the Sun through only one spectral frequency range...

You will see all sorts of things... that just aren't there... because you aren't seeing the *whole picture*. large object *sucking* the energy from the sun...

Cool Sci-Fi story though...

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PostFri Oct 11, 2013 6:02 pm » by Synkronizer

Are there any full spectrum images or footage of this event? Just curious.
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PostFri Oct 11, 2013 6:15 pm » by Chronicnerd

I have the entire history recorded in a personal database.
If I have time I will look back to March 11th and upload some images of the before, during, and after...

This is on March 11th... something that big would show up on the full spectrum view...
You can do several searches for it...

But it is much more likely something very close to my explanation than that of a UFO that appears to be several *hundred* times the size of Earth.




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PostFri Oct 11, 2013 8:55 pm » by Temps13

Chronic,you seem to know a lot about this stuff-I have a question..I was watching a Nasim Haramein talk,he said he was with some place in Hawaii called the center for unified physics,or something..well,interesting bloke,interesting talk..but he said that they had taken spectrospcopy readings that indicated the presence of H20,in the form of steam or whatever,in the Sun.
The thing he was saying was that the darks spots are where we are looking into the sun & the roiling plasma orange shit is on the outside only..I guess,something close to what Eric Dollard was saying about the sun being a huge transformer,bleeding energy from another dimensionality.
What is your opinion on the likelihood of H20 being present on the moon?
He also made an intriguing comment about the sun being invisible in space to the human eye..though it would still blind you,he said..
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