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PostSat Jan 29, 2011 1:05 am » by Slith

allreadydead wrote:
denpadre wrote:
bluesman4uonly wrote:Look under the channels of interest and that's a pretty good idea of the diversity of interest at DTV. Although lately, a lot of people have come here that are only interested in social gossip and disruption, making stupid remarks and in general trying to turn it into a Social forum, there are still a lot of serious people coming here to share information and to learn. In short, this is an information highway so anything that brings truth to the people should be welcome.

i know exacly what you mean i discoverd dtv not that long ago like a month or so it seemed like every 15 minutes interesting posts with articles and stuff that interested me came up, now its like there's no more interest in these things. than again if a community is groing like dtv your bound to get allot of attention whores. maybe dtv needs to filter threads before there online like in a qeue where they can check if its interesting or complete crap

No, they don't need to censor threads or topics, that would turn DTV into ATS or GLP, most members here vote with their keyboards and shit threads disappear (usually with lots of swearing!.........) you really have to sort through the crap to find the odd gem or two - but that's like life - it's never handed to you on a plate!


We are much more lenient than the aforementioned sites. We might be smaller, but we are catching up.
Where else can you drop a F bomb and get a laugh from the mods?


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