Matter of Torrents: Stealing or Sharing?

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getlucky13 wrote:
1ofakind wrote:A while back when I had watched a great movie or had some fantastic music to listen to it would usually get passed from friend to friend to watch or listen to. I would never had considered that I was stealing because my friend had given me the next big blockbuster to watch on dvd. It is sharing to me. If you watched a movie your friend had lent you and you really enjoyed it then you will go and buy a copy of it yourself. The internet has given us a great way to share things and now people moan about it, come on people, all the videos that are posted on here have come from somewhere else. Is that stealing or sharing to you.

I agree with what you're saying. Theres nothing wrong with SHARING something. It's never sharing thats a problem. When I release an ep, I want ever single person who can to hear it. Sharings the best way. HOWEVER. When one makes copies (aka downloads, burns, whatever) they're not sharing any more. They circumventing the only system some people have to make a living, so that they may get something for free. Again, this is only a certain circumstance. But these type of things need to be considered, ya know?

Along the lines of what boondox said, releasing things INTENTIONALLY free is a great marketing ploy and a big trend. Theres nothing wrong with that. But that's the artist choice to do that. You shouldn't take something from them, that would not have been there without them, without giving them something back, so that they can continue to give to you. There needs to be some sort of cycle; a harmony almost. It can't and shouldn't be a one way street. Maybe I'm just an idealist, but to me its philosophically too wrong, as well as the harm it does to honest musicians.

On the subject of ideals though. Ever find it funny, how many people come to this site to usurp the "corrupt powers" that run the world, and yet comprise their own ideals and beliefs simply for expediency? Today's world is not kind to the idealist and the philosophical anymore. As a people we've done a great job of massacring the true patriot, in a sense. Just food for thought.

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