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PostSun Jan 06, 2013 11:23 am » by Slith

Richc wrote:Is it best to just buy meat that is still attached to the bone.?

Like Chicken, Pork chops, T-bone Steaks. Aren't they likely to be less mucked about with.? :think:


You would think, but even then they have been modified.

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PostSun Jan 06, 2013 11:53 am » by Opalserpent

Flipper wrote:
Opalserpent wrote:Flipper, did you see how much fracking they want to do in our country?

They intend to ship out a giganto boat load everyday out of QLD. How much is that worth and how much do we see of it
and how much sub surface rock do they have to fracture to achieve such monumental amounts of gas removal everyday.

I reckon we are going to see a rise in earthquakes here in Australia in the next few years like in america
around fracking sites.

I go to a small town called Tara where they are doing fracking. Entire families are getting sick everyday from the gas and other chemicals that leach out of the ground. The water coming out of bores is poison. The government is doing there best to blame it on anything else possible. I could say more but I am already on a list.

I hope you record as much evidence as you can, I'd be happy to monitor a thread you create on it.

I get the feeling they are going to pollute our great artesian basin though they will need a few
years to poison all our water underground.

By then maybe we can use our tap water to run our cars. :bang;
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PostSun Jan 06, 2013 12:12 pm » by Aragajag

I live in the country and most butchers have local grown beef and its so awesome that I dont ever want to go back to live in a city again just for the food, not the supermarket butchers who have nothing but shit and one stop convenience..

Go golum style fresh and with a bit of wrrrrrriggling

On the fracking, its in most of the food growing areas now, they have the roads to use now even though dirt, to get to the site provided by those who farmed the land. And fuck it up for all concerned.
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PostSun Jan 06, 2013 1:20 pm » by Murvic

Loving the bacon thing, i eat a bacon breakfast everyday. I dont touch red meat and only eat chicken and fish both as fresh as possible. start everyday with squeezed lemon warm water and honey and a bowl of porridge then comes the bacon cooked in oven always, on a wholemeal bread with scrambled eggs and half a beefsteak tomato . I always thought i was going to see myself off with bacon so im more than happy to read that... :sunny:


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