Meditation for stress and anxiety

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Seriouscitizen wrote:Welcome! And i've heard too a couple time of people using Seratonin that is really helps. So this is the 3th time. Bookmarking it, thanks

Hi!! thanks for the reply. Just to clarify... you can't 'take' seratonin as far as i know. The best you can do is fill your system up on the pre-cursors to Seratonin (the other amino acids and chemicals that your body turn in to seratonin), of which, 2 good ones are 5-HTP ( and L-Tryptophan (

Again, hope it helps! :)

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if anyone's serious about enlightenment, you know the myth of men meditating or retreating into caves?

if you go and meditate in one for 10 days or so, in utter darkness, your body starts creating its own light, and all of your demons, inner turmoil and so on come up, errrm, in no particular order.

if you do not believe it is possible to radiate, then just look at the healthy people who glow. they do glow, because of the way they treat themselves, and because they love themselves they are able to love others.

if you really need more science on this subject, research sono/sonarluminescense, and remember: your body is made of 70% water, and you are constantly emitting soundwaves, also.

if you are ready and willing to face the inner gauntlet, and KNOW all is self; approach it from the stand point of enlightened self interest, and can love yourself, then you will proceed.
and once you have conquered self, what in the universe is there that can get in your way? after all, it is the emotions and reasons which are triggered by external pressures INTERNALLY, which you are all afraid of ;D not the actual external world itself, most are bored with that, and do not even realize it.

the external is merely a portal and gateway to reflections of the greater mystery within.

if you do not treat the inward journey with some respect, you may go mad. Like people who JOKED about LSD or Flotation tanks and had unstable minds to begin with, they did not realize they endless depth or heights they could ascend or descend too, and their unprepared minds simply popped, and then, their soul had to find a new home... hopefully for their sakes, quickly.

the trick to meditation is to keep pulling yourself out of the now once the jester has got your mind rambling again. be still, and when the engines begin roaring and you think you have to "get on with your day", be still again. be still, let "the lord" come unto you and be still. we are all addicted to just "doing something", pre occupying ourself, pre tending, pre tensing, because the horrifying, sordid festering pulsating wound of the society around us is too much to look at all at once, and the intense beauty of nature which is being deliberately destroyed, likewise.

so take infinity in bite size portions, after all, that's what you do without realizing it.

"all of the problems in the world come from the fact that... man cannot remain seated in a room on his own, but always has to be doing something".

"treat others as you wish to be treated"... funny how all of the wisdom of the ages can be condensed into a few lines isn't it? and endlessly extrapolated from.

a bit like a grain of sand, or more precisely, DNA.

if god is beyond SPACE (matter and the scale thereof) and time (frequency/vibration/rythm), then it follows that the universe is both infinitely small and infinitely large to him, her, or more precisely it, the thing which is within us which is us and not us, which is beyond all limitation of arbitrary categorization, which rests on a higher ground than anything we might like to put it in, such as "male/female", as i write this i look at my words and fingers and think how strange it is. i look around at what a strange world i live in, with new and fresh eyes, everything is full of substance once again, and i am not looking for "the next thing", as i have it all, right here.

i hope you can experience some of this,

I'm going out for a walk with the "dog" now (literally i have a dog, but his name isn't dog... that's a species categorization we have named this "animal", but what is its true name? what does the most high call dogs? nature call dogs?) you see, we have all of these arbitrary categories and word games and names for things, yet in how far do they really exactly hit the target which they are aiming for?

dog : god in reverse, it is said the "god dog" cerberus, watches over the gates of heaven and hell, another not so commonly known acronym for god is: guardian of divinity. this all ties in neatly with the old egyptian hieroglyphs of anubis and so on.

By anthropomorphizing god exclusively humanly, we have inadvertently and stupidly relegated all of the other life on this planet to "non sentient" or "not really alive", to "biological robot".
You see, what happens when you meditate is you come to such profound truths about yourself, your life up until now, and everything, that you just have to surrender to them, because otherwise, they will destroy you. and everything you have done in your life. everything, comes to the surface, thinking back on all of the animals flesh and meat i have eaten, i think: wow, am i lucky i'm still alive, and it is truly only through the grace of "god", that which we have no real name for, that i am still alive today, and through the benevolence of all the things which i destroyed in my time, that they did not repay my ignoble ignorance with vengeance. you see, EVERYTHING is alive, and is talking to you, if you can hear it. it's SIMPLE: everything is constantly emitting its own frequency.

if you look closely into the cymatic frequencies and see the patterns in all animals, you can see the names of EVERYTHING written out infront of you, right infront of your face.

this is why AdAm (which is another word game, and backwords spells MaDa, which in nearly all cultures means mother and father/ seems to be a universal sound babies make, Pa or Da, and Ma, mu or mo, adam IS the androgyne, the united and perfected man, on a quest to experience himself. so perfect, that he could split himself into two parts, even though he was whole, to just see and touch and taste duality, and the RUSH of reuniting with divinity, after the "fall")...

This is also why adam could name all of the creatures in the garden of eden, he still had the sight, and he was the first man to ever use it. he could see and hear them, all, within and without, while they were in their pristine state. what if this creation story is much older than anyone can fathom? ...

what if we are still in a timeless womb, another matrix, and ma is playing tricks on us? what if eh?

what's the difference between gas and liquid except for the density and compact-ness of the particles? the space inbetween those mini worlds, hinted at by our words like hydro gen and oxy gen.

if you realized that

would you then finally stop being bored and start living your life?

would you?

well, we're still here ("life" isn't over yet), so let's prove it to one another
while we still can :)

don't shut down, don't fall so deeply to sleep that you cannot sea the beauty of this dream, scream if you have to, let it all out, shout and get off the insane roundabout, do whatever it takes, to wake up and let go of the blame, when you let go of the little you have, you inherit more than all the world.

this is why jesus the christ laughed at satan when he tempted him with "the whole world", and becoming its principality. you see, satan is god trolling, everything that exists is god pretendin not to be god, for the principle reason of the fulfilling experience of this divine script coming to fruition; evolution; bending and breaking rules which seemed like they were written in the very stone and solid core, of, not only ourselves, but also the planet.

jesus laughed at satan because: you already HAVE everything within. what can anyone tempt you with when you not only know that, but also feel it? except for the sweet apple which you might bite into when you get bored and... want to forget? so you can again remember? like one of those great great great films, which the first time you watch totally blow you away? and you suspend your disbelief to be thrilled by?

i have a question for you:

isn't it enough now? hasn't the dream become dark enough for us to finally act?

in this, the "final" act?

if you are like me, and think this world has become a little dark, let us turn on the light.

let us switch on the light... but not that kind which you can "buy". if you don't feel like it, there is of course, always another cycle, but then again, rejecting all of this, all of yourself, you might go a little psycho. wow... life... death, perpetuality. it's quite something isn't it?

If you need a little assistance just, remember to breathe, and let the air soothe you, fill your lungs, and speak your hearts native tongue, let yourself connect to others, give the love you so desperately seek. for it is in giving that we receive, as francis of assissi, and all sorts of other great, logical, illogical, intuitive, rational, mystical... x y z, men and women, AND CREATURES, have noticed (especially dogs... they never stop loving :) )


love and hugs to everyone.

i hope you investigate my claims, and don't brush them aside... for... what if they are true? what if.


in vest i gate

Your faith will make you whole


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