Meet the Crisis Actors of the Syria 'FSA'

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Meet the Crisis Actors of the Syria 'FSA' -- Their Job: Faking You Into Another War

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Meet the 'Crisis Actors' of the Syria"FSA" - the same bunch who helped (try) to make the Damascus "gas attack" look real. Their job today - to con the western world into another pointless war in support of terrorism. All available evidence indicates that the "chemical weapons" attack in Damascus, Syria, is a manufactured fake, like the Boston marathon bombing. What is even more shocking, it appears that the two events are linked. Both are also bear incriminating connections to John Kerry (AKA John "Kohn").

In 1965, John Kerry, Jewish son of a wealthy Wall Street family, the Kohns of New York and Boston, was "tapped" (i.e. chosen) for big things. Kerry was one of only 15 elite young men, all seniors at Yale University, initiated into the secret society, Order of Skull & Bones.

Kerry is also a promoter of a New World Order and for surrendering U.S. sovereignty to the U.N. and other international organizations. It's called a one world government!!!!
Rush Limbaugh read a memo on the air during his broadcast which named William Cooper " the most dangerous radio host in America." Mr Cooper considered President Bill Clinton's pronouncement the greatest compliment that he had ever received

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