Melting Polar Ice Caps Reveal Antarctic Pyramids

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PostTue Aug 14, 2012 10:07 pm » by Malogg

Melting Polar Ice Caps Reveal Antarctic Pyramids


(AA) There’s talk all over the internet about pyramids in Antarctica, something we at Apparently Apparel love to write about. What appears to be causing all the discussion is this picture, showing what looks like two, possibly three pyramids lined up Giza style, nearly covered in snow and ice.

Frankly, I think we’re looking at plain ordinary mountains here, albeit ones of unusual apparent symmetry. But suppose we ARE looking at pyramids (and I think the size of these mountains would preclude that, but that’s just me), or, to put it differently, supposed there WERE pyramids in Antarctica? What would it mean?

Well, for one thing, it would confirm the speculations of many Atlantologists (including, incidentally, the Nazis), who believe that the ice-covered continent was in fact Atlantis, the continent literally being “sunk” under water, in this case, ice. The presence of such structures would raise the bar considerably not only for Atlantology but also for the possible motivations of the Nazi expedition in late 1938 and early 1939, and make it likely – if they discovered such structures during their aerial reconnaissance flights over the southern continent – that they decided to follow up with further investigations.

The reason any discovery of such structures on Antarctica would be significant is rather obvious, for the possibility would be quite strong that if they could be excavated (a mighty big if in Antarctica’s case!) the sites might yield some significant records or artifacts of a lost human past. One might even speculate that the discovery of ancient records and technologies might be considered a top prize. Such a discovery could rationalize not only the curious Nazi expedition, but also the postwar attempts not only to internationalize the continent but to keep the curious visitor OUT of the continent.

Image Image

While I remain skeptical at this moment, the story is nonetheless worth watching, providing, of course, that we don’t get the usual mix of internet hysteria and hype (and yes, already the story has been predictably linked to extra-terrestrials and secret Nazi flying saucer research bases.)

Another story that just surfaced today is about palm trees having once thrived in Antarctica, when it was much warmer of course, which included the image below by Etienne Classen of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. The picture shows a pyramid structure surrounded by ice right in the center of the shot, right on the coast, as if this was what they were trying to photograph, an obvious clue which prompted the research and writing of this story.

[Author's Note: I've Googled the supposed photographer Etienne Classen and the only thing coming up is the article about palm trees and the image below, no profiles or bio, basically it's as if Etienne is a new name given by whoever submitted this photograph. In order to go to the Antarctic, don't you think you have to be a scientist with a verifiable background? Anyone else notice this, or is it just me? ZR]

Image Credit: Etienne Classen, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

The article explains how palm trees thrived on the coast of the icy continent many aeons ago. Was Antarctica covered with ice during a previous pole shift as is postulated in new age theories, or is that mumbo jumbo? If the poles were to shift...does the mile thick ice sheets move with them? Is this what happened in the past?? Those are just a few of the questions we sure to cast your vote below.

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"The study published in the journal Nature shows that tropical vegetation, including palms and relatives of today's tropical Baobab trees, was growing on the coast of Antarctica 52 million years ago. These results highlight the extreme contrast between modern and past climatic conditions on Antarctica and the extent of global warmth during periods of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Around 52 million years ago, the concentration of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere was more than twice as high as today.

"If the current CO2 emissions continue unabated due to the burning of fossil fuels, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere, as they existed in the distant past, are likely to be achieved within a few hundred years", explains Prof. Jörg Pross, a paleoclimatologist at the Goethe University and member of the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F) in Frankfurt, Germany. "By studying naturally occurring climate warming periods in the geological past, our knowledge of the mechanisms and processes in the climate system increases. This contributes enormously to improving our understanding of current human-induced global warming." Computer models indicate that future climate warming will be particularly pronounced in high-latitude regions, i.e., near the poles. Until now, however, it has been unclear how Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems responded in the geological past to a greenhouse climate with high atmospheric CO2 concentrations."
[Source of Image and Article Tropische Verhältnisse in der Antarktis - Goethe University -]

Everything sounds good except the 52 million years ago statement. It makes more sense to think that vegetation could have occurred much more recently than that, before the last Ice Age, before the event of 10,500 BC, of which researcher Graham Hancock has said in his fantastic work "Quest For The Lost Civilization".

Upload to

In this full-length video (2 ½ hours), well-known researcher and author Graham Hancock compares the similarities of three ancient civilizations: Egyptian, Meso-American, and Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. This flick is professionally made, easy to understand, and has incredible photography of these rather complex sacred sites and their artwork.

Hancock’s basic premise shows these three civilizations all share the following:

Pyramids were built in each culture
Each culture worshipped Kings as Gods
Their religion focused on a quest of immortality of the Human soul
Their priests were sophisticated astronomers with advance knowledge of the star cycles
Poisonous snakes were sacred
Their monuments contained hidden meanings of the heavens.
Through years of collaborative research with other well-known archeo-astronomers, Hancock introduces new and fascinating ways to interpret these ancient sites, with evidence of an older, world-wide, Mother-culture, which could very well be buried under the ice on Antarctica where no one thinks twice to go look. Well, someone is on to this mystery, as seen in the following video, and many internet websites are buzzing with questions about Pyramids and lost civilizations in the Antarctic.

Upload to

From USAHitman) I watched an outstanding video on Youtube titled What’s Going On In Antarctic. The video provided a revealing tour of the bases on Antarctica. I had no idea there was that amount of “science” being conducted down there. Towards the end of the video he shows a pyramid at the Palmer Station. The pyramid is very intriguing and made me very curious as to why a pyramid would be built in Antarctica out of the public’s prying eyes. Here is a picture taken from the video.


As I said, this made me curious so I downloaded Google Earth in March 2012 so I could see it for myself. Well, when I went to that location the pyramid is no longer there! Here is a picture from my 2012 Google Earth.


A little more at :think: ... amids.html
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PostTue Aug 14, 2012 11:32 pm » by Kinninigan


Awesome malogg i threaded about it a few weeks ago. I am also going to make a another video about anomolies there.

Like the dragon head (reptilian city entrance?) and the pyramid complex...


Kinninigan wrote:I found this video and found it intriging so jumped on google earth and checked out the sites myself. I found some pretty crazy stuff there too. The hollow earth entrance is hard to make out, could be google again... :think:

The second site where the "dragon" mouth is awesome, I think its a underground reptilian base entrance.

Anyway enjoy the video and check it out for yourself....I am gonna go back on and get some screen shots..was kinda stoned and forgot too..i was on google earth for hours...

Upload to

Here is the uploaders youtube description so you can go on google earth yourself right now yourself as he put in the cordinates just copy and paste into google..

Uploaded by WhatsUpInTheSky37 on Nov 13, 2011

WATCH IN FULL SCREEN HD 66°15'05.22" S 60°53'08.61" W
Hollow Earth Entrance at 1:11 mark
The Head, Golden Statue, Crossed Swords, & More near Entrance at 02:11
The Rock Runway at 4:11 minute mark
The Indian Warrior at 04:57 minute mark
Grand Pyramid at 7:00 minute mark.
Smaller Pyramid 2 at 9:00 minute mark
Dragon at 10:44 minute mark
Antenna Man shortly after Dragon
Statue, Dog, Mushroom statues at 13:25 minute mark

End of video is second place with coordinates listed below!
I search through pictures of Mars, Earth, and anywhere I can find and download the hi-res. I found some of these through those and just pure luck in the middle of the night bored. Hop on Google Earth and check this out with me!

Open Google Earth,
Put in 66°15'05.22" S 60°53'08.61" W

Then enjoy!

The second area is:
66°39'50.61" S 110°29'21.83" E

Please comment and let me know what you think and if you see the structures on your Google Earth.

Check them out first and if your going to be a jerk, enjoy!

What do you all think about the Hollow Earth Theory? It has to be BS, but there are some great pictures on here that show some interesting stuff!

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PostWed Aug 15, 2012 12:09 pm » by Rich316

Lots of weird shapes down there for sure. Check out 66 15' 14 70" W and 60 52' 17 20" W - I see 2 faces like a king and queen.. Probably nothing but check it out, looks pretty cool. I cropped and put it below.

But until I see high res super clear images.. I can't take that leap just yet...
I'm sure there's more down there.. Hey if this is where atlantis lies then Hapgood was right - there was a crustal displacement 10K years back etc and it moved to where it lies today..

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PostWed Aug 15, 2012 12:47 pm » by 8pointed1

I remember being told of a situation that happened to two meteologists in the early 90's.They went to antarctica to retrieve weather info from a portable weather station,they did this every 12 months to retrieve the paper roll and collect water atmosphere samples....they then would put in another new paper roll and empty the collection tray,clean the filter etc for the next 12 months.

Only this time they were not just a 100 yards from the weather station,when they were approached by a skidoo and some spec op's or security looking,gun toting bloke got off and walked up to them.
He said they were'nt allowed to go any further,its off limits to them.
The two men pointed to the weather station and told him what they were supposed to be doing.
The security guard refused for them to go any further.
when asked why the guard said "I don't know myself,only what other members of my team have said......The area is now an archaeological site,they reckon its 140,000 yrs old,some say a city,some think its something else......they all agree its big in every way"

The two left empty handed and the weather research institution they were with launched a complaint.
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PostWed Aug 15, 2012 2:25 pm » by Hayden

Bloody Hell Sir! I take my hat off. Havent seen this level of astute, objectivity on here for a while.Thank you, I suppose the Bosnian Pyrmids isnt it? The very anchient buildings.however well constructed, will be eroded way more than say the Gisa pyramids . Or may they craved them out of a whole mountain, in the manner of Petra or the oblisks in Ethiopia. :cheers:

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