Merkel accused of being 'female Don Corleone'

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......Gee whiz, I bet nobody seen this coming................

Merkel accused of being 'female Don Corleone'

Tony Paterson Author Biography
Sunday 09 September 2012


A new book, 'The Godmother', by a party insider, says the German Chancellor is obsessed with power

Has Angela Merkel turned into a female equivalent of Don Corleone, the sinister Mafia boss portrayed in The Godfather? A prominent female member of the German Chancellor's ruling conservative party, the Christian Democratic Union, is convinced she has – and she's not joking.

A withering attack on Germany's first female leader has been delivered in a new and savagely critical book that accuses Merkel of ruining the euro, being obsessed with her own political power and installing an autocratic regime which borders on the totalitarian.

The Godmother: How Angela Merkel Is Reconstructing Germany is the work of the veteran Christian Democrat, Gertrud Höhler, 71, a prominent and outspoken conservative who was both an adviser to Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and on the boards of several major Swiss and German companies.

Höhler argues that because Merkel was brought up in communist East Germany, she has no real understanding of democracy and is convinced that only remaining in power is paramount. As a result, Höhler claims, Merkel has muzzled all critics and dispensed with political rivals by ruthlessly sidelining or stabbing them in the back.

"That woman," Höhler maintained at a press conference held to launch her book last week, "has already installed an autocratic regime." To underline her point, the dust cover on Höhler's work displays its title splashed across a menacing black silhouette of a plump yet inscrutable-looking Angela Merkel.

Höhler's savage criticism could be dismissed as the anger of a piqued former rival venting her envy on someone who has made it to the top. Her book is dedicated to "those who still carry a clenched fist in their pocket". But, significantly, publication of The Godmother has coincided with attacks on the Chancellor from other leading members of Germany's Christian Democratic Union, which suggest that the author may have a point


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