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PostSat Apr 16, 2011 7:22 am » by Eliakim

Its a good video. However, Friends of the Earth ignore the fact that there is no separation between the land and its people. What people hold within themselves impacts on Mother Earth in ways that a majority of humanity have not been informed upon. Most are unaware that what they hold inside also impacts on the the cosmos. Due to academics in academia and education that have stood in the way of true progress IMHV. Its hard for academics to put down their heads due to their attachment to 'belief' whether they are believers in the divine or not. If people cannot lay down their heads, then they cannot connect truly with their hearts in a consistent and prosperous way, that is healthy for themselves and for humanity.

During growth and development, you come to know that the heart as many tongues until you have entered the true inner sanctum of the sanctuary within. That was once known as the holy of holies where peace and harmony is maintained and retained.

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