Methane Extinction Follow Up

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PostFri Jul 05, 2013 8:13 pm » by Bpeirce2

Wonder why all the geo engineering?



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PostFri Jul 05, 2013 8:16 pm » by Bpeirce2

Are We In trouble?


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PostFri Jul 05, 2013 8:23 pm » by Opalserpent

Bpeirce2 wrote:Wonder why all the geo engineering?



Crikey, another learner I see :look:

Upload to

you nearly had it right.

You have to copy the part in the share of youtube like this:

original as example link share:

then use only the V3c2-hB_xDE part.
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PostFri Jul 05, 2013 8:24 pm » by *WillEase*

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PostFri Jul 05, 2013 8:47 pm » by Opalserpent

He double posted the topic too, I hope Bp will erase the other post.

Interesting video, the woman has a terrible speaking voice.

I am concerned that at 6:20 that the graph she uses is insignificant when looking
at the scale which is in less then 1 degree increments.
I don't honestly believe such a small change of temperature and the low solar maximum
is making the ice melt as it does it naturally anyway. Also the graph she uses
pointing out how ice has not completely been replaced through the past decade is also
insignificant as it's a scale of ten years, she needs to get longer term data before
assuming that ten years of a graph dictates a runnaway effect as she puts it.

Also I honestly believe that if there was a threat from this and it was deemed real

then some people will try to make money out of it by extracting the sea floor methane

or ice methane and selling it.

It would be like fracking but without the chemicals one could pray.

Also she says the water temperatrues are increasing which is the exact opposite of what is

happening in reality. Even here in Australia our meterological scientists have informed

us that we are in the midst of an La Nino which is causing cooler sea temperatures

and a mild wet winter here in queensland.

This lady is worse then me when it comes to cherry picking shady graphs without any evidence.

She is sorry for the sound on this, I suggest a voice changer aswell as new microphone.

Holy she has audio channel. LOLLOOLOLOL.

This is like troll physics, there might be alot of methane there but is there any evidence it
is doing any real harm?

And honestly there is so much radiation from fukashima floating around in the atmosphere raining

down hot particles on us everyday and pesticides and flouride and pharmaceuticals in our water

and food that I think some methane ice is the last thing this attention seeking woman will have to

worry about any time soon. I left out our impending gmo sterilisationg and forced vacinations as they

are doing with school kids now.

Also the world and karma have a way of balancing things out into harmony.

Equal and opposite metaphysical reaction.

So there is more methane in the sea floor and ice?

So methane eating bacteria and algae begin to thrive and eat of the excess methane.


Live by the Terror, Die by the Terror.

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