Mexican universities/unions welcome ET/UFO education..

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Mexican universities/unions welcome ET/UFO education, even as USA rejects it

Exopolitics Mexico/Colima will be formally inaugurated during the week of Nov. 15-19, 2010 with a Nov. 16, 2010 Gala Lecture by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd at the Paraninfo Auditorium of the University of Colima, Mexico on Exopolitics: Intelligent Civilizations in the Multi-verse.

Exopolitics is the new science of relations between intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse. The University of Colima lecture is a continuing part of Mr. Webre's 2010-11 world lecture tour on intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.

The invitation by the Science Faculty of the University of Colima for a formal keynote lecture by Alfred Lambremont Webre - whose 2000 book “Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe” founded the science of Exopolitics - marks one of the first times in history that a University-level science faculty has formally commissioned a lecture on Exopolitics.

The University of Colima Exopolitics lecture and associated activities are organized by EXOPOLITICA MEXICO/COLIMA, headed by Colima journalist Ruben 'Tawa' Martinez. Daniel Munoz, coordinator of EXOPOLITICA MEXICO will also accompany Mr. Webre at Colima.

During Nov. 15-19, 2010, the University of Colima, Mexico will undertake a week of Exopolitics activities with Alfred Lambremont Webre that is unique in the history of this new science, and of University-level involvement in the study of intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse. ... ima-mexico
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