Michael Moore's Message to Obama and Blue Dog Democrats

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PostWed Sep 30, 2009 10:42 pm » by Captchaos

LowSix wrote:And Capt, HELL YES, we need reform.
Im in a very similar boat...

This bill wasnt it. In a LOT of areas.
cant slam through a redesign of the entire multi Bazillion dollar health care system in three months while the economy is folding.
Cant be done correctly like that..

i agree the timing is for crap, but we could have put a fork in this back when bill clinton was 1st in office when Hillery, had the bull by the horns. what happened then could happen again. lifs a unfair circle just rolling us americans over again and again.

Thanks Slush, Starting fresh could be good for me. i love helping people, customer service is what i like to do & my job was making it hard for me to take care of folks, so other than my insurance im glade tobe out of their.

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PostThu Oct 01, 2009 7:03 am » by Lowsix

Well if you arent bright enough to make the conection of Hypocrisy (boldfaced hypocrisy) in earning over $93,000 from supporting, and investing in what he claimed was THE most evil corporation in the world, and expecting us to vilify them...(while at the same time profiting HUGELY off them) then once again, you prove yourself below my debate requirements. Means youre just being stupid for he mere sake of..

And if you dont think theres a dosconnect in Standing outside the gates of GM in Roger & Me, wringing his hands and crying about the unionbusting going on while at the same time, THREATENING the livlihood of his OWN employees if they unionized..then yet once more, you prove that you arent being serious. And your opinion is worthless to me in the face of the facts.

But you keep chipping away at my tree, it seems to give you a purpose here, but on these two examples, you are 100% full of shit, and that's the last I'll say on any of it...

And yes, Supplying the Author as "the" source is valid, because as i said, and you clearly cant read, or understand the purpose of Libel and Slander laws, and exposure, that if the Author was unable or unwilling to substantiate his sources solidly enough to protect Simon & SHuster from Litigation exposure, they WOULDNT HAVE PUBLISHED THE BOOK. (i expect you to pretend thats not true, as well)

But hey, i realise that when "verifiable facts" contradict your clearly left wing worldview, you, like most others imply ignore them and stick your head in the sand. That aint my problem, its yours.
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