Michio Kaku Fearmongering: We're All Gonna Die !!!

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Michio KAKA is the Popes Love Child!


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kakareta wrote:I said i was done with this thread but i had to say thanks for that chronicnerd, i know it wasn't for my benefit but i was starting to think there weren't many people here capable or willing to engage in critical thought or even civilised debate.

I mean just look at those videos i posted, this guy lends genuine credibility to many of the subjects people here talk about and instead of us looking to him as an example of progress to acceptance he gets dismissed as an illuminati/NWO/reptilian puppet (et al) or just vile hatred. I never thought about it being a case of if a mainstream scientist is talking about it then it must be a reptilian/illuminati conspiracy so i'll rail against it and be an abusive dick head while i'm at it (not directed at anyone in particular, of course).

He says in the video i linked to (Michio Kaku On Aliens On Physics) that the idea the distances are so vast is not a barrier to a Type 3 civilisation (or maybe even a type 1) but instead people are saying he is talking about a New World Order, i mean it's just unbelievable.

For whatever its worth to you, the longer you stick around, the more you will come to find there are those here that will engage you in the exploration of truth on a mutually beneficial (or at least the honest intent therof) level. I would offer the advice of patience on these forums, as they are permeated with diverse personalities, the majority of whom are struggling to find truth within the context of thier unique capabilities. Aggression and seeming immaturity are simply byproducts of personality, which is not static but ever changing and reinventing...it just comes with the territory. The more posts you see by any given member, the more complete a picture you will have of them...and since I have been here, I have seen quite a few change perspective and attitude, most for the better.

You have conducted yourself (at least to my view) pretty well, and maintained a level of behavoiral integrity (choosing your words with care) that provides an asset to the forum.
Hope to hear more form you, brother.
For challenges to come, we stand against the tide...under the banner of the brave. Mission Aetheria...the future belongs to the brave.

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drjones wrote:
nyarelathodep wrote:
drjones wrote: Do we even need science, what is science anyway ? I mean really ? and is it truly bringing much good into this world ? I see it as another aspect of the control system that will suppress any REAL science tat would benefit mankind...
(science) is not the be all and end all, it's just THEORY, and that's all it ever will be, sure it may work but does that prove there is nothing else ? It's rather a crazy thing when you truly think about it... There's always going to be more. The whole debate when people say 'scientifically prove it' and all that, to me that is farcical, how do you measure LOVE for instance, the most powerful force in the universe imo, the fact is OUR DIVINE BODIES are the real sciece made by the master 'scientist' we call 'god', we should not ever negelect our bodies, especially our feelings and instincts, this is truly special but i see the world at this time is heading into one of artificiality where everything form god, truly natural is replaced with man-made equivalents, which i'm sorry to say is a recipe for disaster... :o

I think your confusing Science with technological gadgetry and artifice. To say we do not need science is to say we dont need observation...the art of which is called science. How far would you be as a person without observation and discrimination? The term science also applies to understanding your own spirituality...hence the science of the chakras, etc. The way I see it, there is simply no such thing as "artificial" or "unatural"...if everything is a reflection of God, then so are the creations of Gods creations...nothing CAN be unatural. So some of the things we create destroy other aspects found in nature.....does not mold do this as well? Bacteria? Other animals? Do not the very elements themselves destroy, alter, redefine?

But not everything that man does IS a reflection of god, especially these days, far from it..intention is the key here, YES you are right that really ALL is godly, ie-'there is nothing new under the sun' BUT we human spirit beings have been given a choice, we have been given something called free will, this is very very important, i can see and 100% agree with the fact that you say EVERYTHING lies with god, even the a bomb and war..of course, but that does'nt mean we cannot drift away from the god force through our actions and deeds on Earth, this is what is happening aroud the world and when i read many posts on this forum. Without wanting to sound like a 'know it all' far from it, all i am saying is that science WITHOUT 'god' is completely and utterly useless and dangerous, again i have to preach back to the star wars movies as the best explanation, 'the force' is god and you can either align with the dark side or the light, but at the end of the day when all is said and done EVERYTHING resides with god, it's just don't you want to make your life on this Earth a good one, rather than it being rather confusing, stressed and downright evil ? well to do that we need to align with god, and in today's techno babble age not an easy thing to do but 'god' is always patient and waiting on us, it's simple, 'god' is love...is there much love in the field of science, to me it seems rather robotic and emotionless and thus dangerous..no wisdom involved..largely.. :cheers:

To my mind, Jones, love is closeness to God...and this represents our individual journeys. Its up to the individual to evolve/progress closer to God by understanding God within self/other/unity. I used to think much along the lines of what you are saying here, believe me...but theres a certain understanding of reality which has changed my view. I believe God is everything...all potentials within a singularity experiencing Gods nature subjectively. Therefore we must not only take the "good" with the "bad", but understand them as well...understand the beauty within the hardship, to understand that even the concepts/actions we despise the most are really oppurtunities to understand the divine within all, and thus lead us a step or two closer to that divine. I have come to think that it is far more important and prudent to change/evolve my own perspective/self than to change the world at large...in fact, its the only worthwhile endeavor at all. There will ALWAYS be difficulty/tribulation in our reality until we become one with our divine...and what a blessing such troubles are, for without them I would be hardpressed to have any understanding thus far in my experience. All these maladies of the world, all the NWOs, Illuminati agendas, banks, etc...are reflections of inadequecies inherent to this stage of the journey, so to speak. And they are lessons for growth. You are right about free will...it is up to us wether we come closer to god or drift further away...but this pertains to the indivdual, and even after this experience here you/me/us will have other issues to deal with and overcome, lifetime after lifetime if thats what it takes. Its not up to me to make the world a just place..its not even my right (as that would infringe upon others free will by fashioning a place what?..free of anything percieved by me as negative? wrong? evil?)...my only perogative is to learn and evolved my own self, and THAT makes the world a better place, a more just place, a more peaceful place. I suspect you understand this to large extent, and understand our energy can not be destroyed, and so are afforded an infinite amount of chances to find your way home. Alot of people like to say "this is all just an illusion" without really knowing what those words mean...but this is the nature and purpose of that "illusion" as I have come to understnad it anyway...which necessarily means all the pain, suffering, and deaths we experience here are also nothing more than illusions as well. And illusions must be first accepted, then let go of. Always a pleasure chattin with you, Jonsey :cheers:
For challenges to come, we stand against the tide...under the banner of the brave. Mission Aetheria...the future belongs to the brave.


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