Microsoft has invented a working universal translator

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PostSun Nov 11, 2012 7:50 pm » by One-23

Just imagine the wider implications when this tech gets a makeover in a few years from now.

No more phoning for a Chinese take-away only to hear a series of mumbled menu numbers being echoed around some fast food kitchen.

Dutch porn will never be the same " O Yarr furk mi arda "

Taxi drivers taking the piss and taking the long route


No malice intended

Cool tech though once embedded into current tech such as smart phones, TV's, computers etc.

Microsoft “universal translator” chatters Chinese in your own voice

Microsoft has developed a “universal translator” that not only converts English speech into Chinese in real-time, but does so while preserving the speaker’s own voice. Demonstrated in China recently, the technology is based on joint research into Deep Neural Networks by the software giant and the University of Toronto, Microsoft’s chief research officer Rick Rashid writes, using an hour’s worth of prerecorded speech example data to cut together a new, translated mashup.

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Microsoft first started talking about the universal translator project earlier this year, revealing that the system can handle Spanish and Italian in addition to Mandarin Chinese. Recordings from both the speaker and a native Chinese speaker are required for the English-Chinese conversion, with the properties of the English speaker mapped onto a few hours’ worth of Chinese speech that can be reworked to suit a broad variety of phrases.

The big difference between early presentations of the technology and the October 25 demo in China is the degree of accuracy Microsoft has managed to achieve. Rashid says the word error rate has been cut by around 30-percent, meaning around one word in 7 or 8 is now incorrect.

“Of course, there are still likely to be errors in both the English text and the translation into Chinese, and the results can sometimes be humorous” Rashid warns. “Still, the technology has developed to be quite useful.”

Further refinement will be enabled when Microsoft loads in more training data, it’s expected, as the Deep Neural Networks learn more about how the human brain processes audio. Still, there’s no telling when the system might show up in your Windows Phone.

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PostSun Nov 11, 2012 10:07 pm » by Cwmman

you would have thought they would have fixed predictive texting first.

It is good to see it though....... the differance between languages is mind boggling

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PostSun Nov 11, 2012 10:22 pm » by Tjahzi


Techblog =>

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