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Accounts of the downed UFO event near Roswell in July in 1947 often mention the role that the Roswell City Fire Department may have played at the crash site. Though there was indeed some connection, new information reveals that there was far greater involvement in the extraterrestrial retrieval by the Roswell military base's own Fire Department. This information shows that it was the Fire Department located at Roswell Army Air Field -not the Roswell City Fire Department- that officially responded to the call to a crash of a sky-fallen ship from the stars. Revealed here for the first time are the identities and testimonies of three brave firefighters who responded to this call- and the remarkable description of what they saw when they arrived on the scene. Recent research and interviews -and clues found buried within the USAF Roswell Report - provide astounding details about the involvement of these base firefighters.

The necessary role that the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) base fire department would have played in the crashed UFO event has for some reason never been considered until now. Yet it seems obvious that the Roswell military base fire department -given their very function- would have to have been involved. Military base fire departments provide firefighting, fire prevention, tactical rescue and hazardous materials spill response. One of the chief functions of a base fire department is also to deliver "first responder" emergency and medical services. During its history, Roswell Army Air Field fire department personnel responded to air crashes and accidents with some frequency. They also responded to the fires, explosions and fuel spills often associated with such aerial crash incidents.

It is then entirely consistent that the RAAF base fire department would have responded to the crash of an Unidentified Flying Object that July in 1947. During that period of time in rural New Mexico, many aerial accidents involved military rather than civilian craft. Perhaps they thought it was their own vehicle- or perhaps they knew that it could not be their own. In either case, their definitive answer surely came when they located the site of bodies and craft that could have only originated from another world.


Fire and extreme heat are indeed associated with the Roswell crash event:

- Sgt. Lewis "Bill" Rickett, CIC Intelligence Officer based in Roswell (and part of Intelligence Officer Jesse Marcel's staff) was interviewed in the 1990s. Rickett said that he and meteorologist Dr. Lincoln LaPaz had later investigated the trajectory of the Roswell craft. They had found a large, round, burned-out area where the heat was so intense that the sand on the desert floor had literally turned to glass.

- Barbara Dugger, granddaughter of Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox, says that her grandfather mentioned to family a "big burned out area" at the site.

- RAAF 1st Lt. Chester Barton maintained in an interview with researcher Joe Stefula that -from a considerable distance- he saw a burned area with burned metallic-like debris from the perimeter of the site.

Of course not only would have the RAAF fire department been involved in extinguishing any fires from the crash, but they also would have provided cleanup, rescue and emergency medic treatment assistance as well as additional utility vehicles and manpower.


The association of the Roswell City Fire Department and the Roswell UFO crash event comes largely from the testimony of Frankie Rowe. Frankie Rowe is the daughter of (now deceased) Roswell City firefighter Dan Dwyer. In 1947, Dwyer (pictured with others, above) was with the City's fire department. According to his daughter, she was told by him that he had gone to the crash site and had seen the crash of a craft not from earth as well as that he had encountered alien beings.

As readers may remember, a little over a year ago I located and spoke with the last living Roswell City firefighter from 1947. Firefighter Smith, now 91, confessed to me that the crash event was in fact of an extraterrestrial vehicle. He affirmed this again when I asked author Kevin Randle to contact him. Smith also confirmed the involvement of Frankie Rowe's father, Dan Dwyer. This astonishing story ("Roswell Fireman Confesses- It Was a Flying Saucer!") can be read in its entirety here:
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