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What's the deal with this U.S missile shield?I'd really like to see opinions on this.
I'm no defence expert but i can make a few simple deductions.

For me the whole thing just don't make any sense.We are told-"It is a shield to protect the U.S. and Europe from rogue states like Iran and North Korea".....how are they "rogue"?...cos they don't do what the U.S tells them?This whole thing stinks to high heaven.I've left a comment about this recently with regards to a video posted about the Russians re-iterrating their intentions to point it's nukes at the US and probably Europe.Jesus,i don't blame em,i would too.(If i were Russian) :hmmm:
I mean at present if anyone launced a nuke at the US or UK then it would be detected before it actually hit it's target right(NORAD etc)?So therefore then there would be an attempted intercept/shoot down,i'd be very suprised if any incoming ballistic missile could'nt already be shot down without a "missile shield" present would'nt you?Nonetheless if it was'nt shot down and the nukes DID reach their target of say the white house/10 downing st,ok lots of people dead,perhaps me and you.However the powers at be would most probably STILL be ALIVE,regardless if they were or not there would still be enough infastructure left to launch a counter offensive and with the arsenal in the UK and US defence fleet.....enough to blow away any of these "rogue" nations back to the stoneage.
Well hope you agree with that assessment?I'm starting to think the "missile shield" is for US dominance of Russia(They do have reportedly the world biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons)i think the Russians think that too.If somehow Russia was conquered,then the US would want to control the rest of the planet as they would be in no small manner of speaking "untouchable" defensively if they have an effective system in place able to shoot down any incoming missiles.Basically this is bugging me as a country launces a nuke at another country,i dont care how many nukes they got they aint going to wipe the country away without a reaction,especially the US and UK,who then in turn launch their nukes at them and blow as much of them away as possible,right?What's the point in all this?........"Security"?
This is all one big crazy game.All every man woman and child and creature on this planet wants is peace and the "governments" that the people supposedly elect(Note:I don't ever vote) never ever achieve this,which then makes me think that this must be a deliberate action.An action to make people "afraid" and to make them think that they need a government to rely on when in reality we are quite capable of governing ourselves.

Well let me know what you think and thanks for reading :flop:

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PostThu Aug 14, 2008 9:49 pm » by Truthseeker


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PostThu Aug 14, 2008 10:40 pm » by Truthseeker

US and Poland sign defence deal

The missiles would be similar to those based in Alaska and California
Poland has signed a preliminary deal with the US on plans to host part of the controversial US defence shield.

The proposal is for the US to base 10 missile interceptors in Poland in exchange for help strengthening Polish air defences.

The US says the system will protect itself and Europe against long range missile attacks by "rogue states".

Correspondents say the deal is expected to heighten tension between the US and Russia, which has condemned the plans.

Moscow has said the project would upset the military balance in Europe and warned it would have no choice but to point its own missiles at the installations.

Relations between Washington and Moscow are currently strained over Russia's involvement in the conflict in Georgia.

The BBC's Adam Easton, in Warsaw, says the agreement is bound to anger the Russians, who vehemently oppose the system.

After Russia's involvement in Georgia, Polish officials said, Washington has come round to their way of thinking.

Unlike the US, Poland sees Russia as a bigger threat to its security than so-called "rogue states" such as Iran, our correspondent adds.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was reported to have cancelled a scheduled visit to Poland shortly after details of the deal with the US was made public.


Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced the agreement on national television shortly before it was signed by Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer and US chief negotiator John Rood.

Mr Tusk said Washington had agreed to meet Warsaw's main demands in exchange for hosting the 10 interceptor missiles in a former military base near Poland's Baltic Sea coast.

In return, the US has agreed to help modernise the Polish armed forces and locate Patriot missiles and a garrison of US servicemen in Poland to beef up its air defences, Mr Tusk said.

Poland is reported to have demanded the extra security help as part of the deal after Moscow threatened to target its missiles at any eventual bases.

The US signed an agreement with the Czech Republic in July to base tracking radars there as part of the missile defence system.

The US wants the sites to be in operation by about 2012. why america have you spent all that money on harrp and is this why you started a war in georgia to get more of this ,war equals money ,peace equls no arms sales .

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PostFri Aug 15, 2008 9:26 am » by Drjones


As mad as this sounds,this theory is very possible and one of my very likely reasons for this "shield".Like i said,a missile shield just dont make one bit of sense.So what else does?Why spend millions/billions of $ to build "installations" for missiles/tracking stations when they already exist.Nah these stations i believe could be used to create some sort of signal blanket over the whole of Europe for a technology like HAARP that would control us completely 100% or make it even easier for us to be controlled/manipulated.Jesus H christ-They talk about aliens visiting this planet,it's as if they are in CONTROL of it.Check out the movie "They Live" and how the signal technology is used in that to control the masses....SCARY,can we say that that is'nt possible?I think not...it's very much guaranteed that a technology like that DOES exist.I'll have to do some more research and get back with anything on that.

Thanks for the replies guys. :flop:

Well some "shield" could be to do with this RFID chip that some people ALREADY HAVE,WILLINGLY gotten implanted into themselves.In any case i won't have to worry about that cos i aint gettin no chip implanted into my body :o

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