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Ghost32 wrote:Just wanna point this out LOL

C.G. Jung identified "The Emerald Tablet" with a table made of green stone that he encountered in the first of a set of his dreams and visions beginning at the end of 1912, and climaxing in his writing the Seven Sermons to the Dead in 1916.


We have all heard about it, and heard quotes from it such as "As Above So Below", I think the reason you will not find much info on this subject is because it is considered Black Magic, the most famous person to bring the Pages of Thoth to peoples attention was Aleister Crowley and might have been one of the few people that actually had access to it if it really existed. :think:

Crowley actually had created the Thoth Tarot Deck, and then wrote a book called "The Book Of Thoth" and he wrote this as a companion to his Thoth Tarot Card Deck. :headscratch:


Quote from the Emerald Tablet
The Text (English Translation)

Truly, without Deceit, certainly and absolutely,

As Above, so Below, and as Below, so Above,
in the Accomplishment of the Miracle of the One Thing.
And just as all things have come from One,
through the Mediation of One,
so all things follow from this One Thing in the same Way.

Its Father was the Sun, the Moon its Mother.
It was carried in the Womb of Air, and the Earth was its Nurse.
It is the Father of every Willed Thing in the whole World.
Its Power is perfected if it becomes as Earth.
Separate the Earth from Fire: the Fine from the Gross,
gently and with great skill.

It rises from Earth to Heaven,
and then it descends again to the Earth and
receives Power from Above and from Below.
Thus you will have the Glory of the whole World.
All Obscurity will be clear to you.
This is the strong Power of all Power because
it overcomes everything fine and penetrates everything solid.

In this way was the World created.
From this there will be amazing Applications,
because this is the Pattern.
Therefore am I called Thrice Greatest Hermes,
having the three parts of the Wisdom of the whole World.

Herein have I completely explained the Operation of the Sun.

The Thoth Tarot Deck


The Book Of Thoth
http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/crowl ... _thoth.htm


I would not be so quick to judge the this tarot deck. I have used it for years and it has given me great insights into life that would not have been possible with out it.
Remember that Symbolism is the FIRST language. Reading and writing came after
and the tarot is based on very archetypal ideas that form the basis of the human story.

I like the story of thoth, I like the story of the emerald tablets.

I think Crowley is over rated with the black magic crap. I think he liked the fact that everyone called him that, but as he himself mentions, he really had no clue what he was doing most of the time. Like many of the experimenters past and present.

But the tarot deck he made was good and by the way nothing to do with black magic.
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Canubis wrote:@ Jeckk

i was replying to Lowsix but you seem to of steped out of line and put forth the notion this is baised on faith? and no one wants to here it??

1st off this or any Alien Key affiliate are NOT based on faith (spits on faith) it is hard evidence of a time forgotten and if you ever wonder how the world got to be this fuked up, then the Emerald tablet is the only legitimate historical record and full of some of the greatest science and knowledge still to be discovered today.

And as for Thoth not being associated with the emerald tablet ?
the whole thing is a manifestation of his wisdom and mentions numerous times how and why he created it.. he tells the story of his life, from Atlantis to Egypt and the great knowledge he had gained.

mabe next time you wont say somthing so stupid to someone that knows what they are talking about :)

To call something "hard evidence" you need to actually have "hard evidence", so where is it?

The emerald tablet story isn't the only legitimate historical record, there are hundreds of sound theories as to what happened in our past, and Thoth's stories aren't even one of the more popular ones.

In the words of Terence Mckenna:

"If something is real, it can take the pressure. You don't have to pussy-foot around the real thing".

If the story of Thoth was even remotely accurate, it could take the pressure. These emerald tablets would surface, there would be at least a hint of physical evidence, and there would be no faith required. When you take drugs, whether you believe in them or not they're going to have an effect on you. The stories of Thoth need to have the same effect. It needs to be hard evidence so that when presented to a skeptic, they have no choice but to change their perspective. If you can't provide that, then I simply don't care about your "theory" because it sounds just as crazy and insane as any other hippie crackpot theory.

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noted the Alien Key Theory was created by only being drunk and STONED is fact.. it was only buy those factors and chance i the great canubis came to create the greatest thing since myself..

With my extensive knowledge in the emerald tablets, it would seem to you of course to be nothing "remotely" acc or even eligible

however i am the worlds leading expert regarding the emerald tablet and its fate would lie with me to surface or not. I know by word for word almost every part ever to be released and can pin point any reference, there is no denying the accuracy as the accounts by Thoth out-date before even Atlantis existed to the precision building and meaning of the pyramids of giza

it would be classified long ago for religious and power "Concerns" and today no one realy gives a shit because Oprah made u all sheep!
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there is no end

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