PostSat May 29, 2010 10:24 pm » by jetxvii

Agree 100% with Psiman to a point on this one.

I have seen low man up 1 time with me that he was wrong and that was with the Haiti earthquake when I told him about the parallel rescue operation a day before, when he refused to look at the article the first time and I made him go back and look at it.

Other than that, he uses the cornered technique, twisting words technique, defamation of character technique, assumption technique to get out of what he says, then if that doesn't work he just says he is done with it because "he is smarter than that"...

Spock you people and the whole age thing, I am glad that this continues though because you fall into the category of outdated Ideas sector, there is a very high rate of old timers like yourself on here that seem to be stuck in an age of informational nostalgia, granted you are one of the ones i still respect ( for a reason I don't know why) .....

I bite yes I do spock, but that is because i like to cover all bases, I like to make sure I express myself with the upmost detailed information, so people like cornbread, eagan, concrete, lowsix, realfake and others can take me completely out of context just for the sake of the reasons and tactics that lowsix uses that I wrote above, instead of addressing the questions themselves, it is easier to dust something off then work with it.

and that is not my motto.

then detail oriented people like myself get frustrated when we have to deal with "defamation" jack asses that's responses to your very well written text are along the lines of "your mom, your dad, your an idiot, and blah blah blah." it's gets pretty stupid after a while when someone has to keep writing things several times because someone doesn't get it the first time, or someone intentionally didn't want to get it the first time so they can sabotage anything that you tried to prove...

that is why I don't understand the Sucking dick party over here for lowsix, you people delete the goodbye threads do you not? so why is this any different? the applications and rules only apply to some, and ONCE AGAIN this is just one of those situations...

and nothing will be done about it, the appointing of Cornbread as moderator proved the one sidedness and lack of response from the Administrator, so I am pretty sure I know who he favors, which i understand favoritism it is a human response and emotion, I just wouldn't start a site with rules for all and only apply them to some, and promote ones that seem to be breaking rules and slandering most of the non prominent members.

enjoy your mourning party for a backwards asshole who hasn't proven anything to anyone about who or what he is except you who he talks to on the phone, and well.... it seems no one else knows anything about him.

talk about hypocritical whiners.....


but let's delete and not have anyone talk about anyone else in a "goodbye" thread dedicated to a person that isn't Lowsix or one of the "who wants to be DTV's Biggest Asshole competition" crowd.

you can say what you want to spock but you love him and you protect him, and you treat others unfairly and hop on their case if they say anything against him, like you have done to me for now the 3rd time.

but no matter this is just a response of a 24 year old kid who obviously has no idea what the world is about, and his lack of years mean he has lack of experience and intelligence. and he can't understand what others go through that are older because he isn't older....

but that is my opinion and I am not mad or anything I just had an opinion and decided to speak about it...

the end.


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PostSat May 29, 2010 10:53 pm » by Spock

All good man. At the same time, this isn't a whiny ass goodbye thread that people make in essence saying, "you will rue this day because I am leaving forever", it was never started that way, hell, he just stopped posting, and so it doesn't play into the same scenario.

If someone started a thread about you not posting anymore or psiman as well, it would NOT be deleted, just like this. But - when someone comes out and says good riddens you fucktards, yea, those get ditched as fast as we see them.

And believe it or not, I do think you show an exceptional aptitude for someone in their early/mid twenties. When I listen to my step son and his friends of the same age, you are waaaaay more informed then they are, oh and by god, they have ideas too.

I'll give you a quick for-instance. And I know you believe as my stepson does on this, but check out the audacity.

He knows I have faith in a higher power. He sat on my front porch, and kept cutting glares at me as he worked himself into a frenzy stating how anyone that believes in a god is stupid, he kept on and on and just kept getting louder and louder, because of his temper. Now, this is my house, and I know that he meant that directed straight to me and his mother even though he was making a "blanket" statement. He knew that he was taking a direct jab at us, and with his body language and tone, it was apparent he wanted a verbal argument/debate on the issue.

I stayed quiet, I wanted to punch him in the throat, not because of his views, but the way he presented them, and wanting to argue and not caring that he was being a dick in MY house to me and his mother, who bend over backwards for the twat - but no more. I can have the same type of debate with someone that believes the same way as my stepson, all day long, and still consider them a friend, but that attitude is shit that gets a nose broken.

So, he was there to help me move furniture, I thought it best not to cop an attitude back at him until he had helped me move shit. By that time I just let it go, but next time, I won't.

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PostSat May 29, 2010 11:54 pm » by sockpuppet

Lowsix never came after any of my posts or challenged me in anything. That was.... disappointing. :(
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PostSun May 30, 2010 12:21 am » by Spock

jetxvii wrote:you can say what you want to spock but you love him and you protect him, and you treat others unfairly and hop on their case if they say anything against him, like you have done to me for now the 3rd time.

I had to respond to this jewel in particular. I have been accused many times of "protecting" people. How am I to do that? Does that mean I delete posts that prove someone wrong? I delete posts in order to make an argument one sided?

And yes - I have engaged you and we stand at different sides of a position. Does that get your dander up?

The only time I remember really coming against you was when you accused 6 of be psiman. You were adamant about that, until Badger proved to you otherwise.

So now we have a disagreement. And you want to take it that I protect people and play unfair, are you going to be just as adamant about that. Because I have access to plenty of moderator logs to prove my position.

As far as your position on things, all good, I'm not a fan or RealFake and feuded with DarkPlanet LONG before you came to this site.

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PostSun May 30, 2010 12:57 am » by Bayonetta


a true component of this realm....a tool that many still don't don't understand the correct usage. To the weak, Its contesments do either two things....it breaks or it creates stronger..i've witnessed the same passion; it always contested wit, be injected into the person that fought to make their point and i've seen individuals completely crumble trying to keep up with the web It weaved and then there are the ones that attach themselves to It and just agreed to every point of view It made toplace themselves, safely, outside of its radars range of passionate and colorful variety of insults ... ..an important part of the ballance many still search to understand...without ITs rational approach and tenacity of denial to a subject, many would not have placed so much energy into prooving It wrong...in effect It made many do the research as Its presence was made to do as such..it knows way more than it reveals.....everything plays its part and every note is written in its place so that the whole song can play and be heard....read in the case of dtv.

...i wouldn't concern myself about It if i was any of you....It seems to be a 'doer' ...probabally not one content to be contained for too long....focus moves and this place and it's illusionary involvements can tend to become a distraction to focusing ones senses towards proper action....doing what?...who knows....but i imagine many different scenarios in accordance to Its many different personalities displayed...perception couldn't realy ever lock down on that one....just when you thought It was ok in one thread..it turned around and verbally measured the neck of whom it debated just before it chopped of its head.....and then just when you thought It was completely evil..It turned around and displayed human compassion and empathy...

good 6....bad 6....in the end , just a 6

for what ever perception one has of It....hope that IT is safe....surrounded by good spirits; that's if that's what it belongs to...if not...oh well.
times up...choose the eternal wisely

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PostSun Jun 20, 2010 11:37 pm » by sockpuppet

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PostMon Jun 21, 2010 5:32 am » by Lowsix

yeah yeah i know..i dont have to respond to everything..
So bear with me, simply to allow me to sorta give a gesture of respect back
to a couple people whose posts i hadnt seen before.

so, to THOSE guys too..

Im sorry i didn't respond...
Thank you profoundly for your kind words...and funny pictures.
I missed this thread entirely somehow...

Most sincerely,

And Sock...
that was really sweet...sry to disappoint.lol

I cant come back at ya If i agree with
pretty much everything ive seen you say.

So...say something ridiculous
and we can go from there.... :D
warløckmitbladderinfection wrote:blasphemous new gehenna inhabitant makes god sad...

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PostMon Jun 21, 2010 12:24 pm » by TheDuck

I think I've been very drunk at least twice in this thread, lol

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PostSat Aug 07, 2010 8:28 pm » by Seahawk

I don't know why you were gone. It doesn't matter. I'm glad you're back.


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PostSat Aug 07, 2010 8:30 pm » by Spock

HAHAHAHA - damn Hawk - it has been a while.


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