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PostFri Feb 17, 2012 3:22 am » by Newearthman

After thirty five years of scouting for the most positive ideas for our future
and talking with over two thousand global super stars
we see a path to the future where we all have a part
and we begin our move into the future as a global
civilization led handily by our new webocracy,
global villages, and global visions
now employed in unwanted
ways by our old world
Go Planet!

No More Status Woe …lets go!



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PostMon Feb 20, 2012 1:14 am » by SamueltheLion

this is SO you man :)

i was thinking about replying to your other thread, a lot, actually, thought of all kinds of things to say, i guess i just think it's brave that you admitted "the darkness has a hold on me", doesn't it on all of us?

our shadow shouldn't scare us.

we have to not be confused by [BETWEEN] other people's shadows, and our own.

when i am really cynical and or beating myself up, i say: sam, what have you done that is so terrible, eh?

and then i realize: nothing, all that i have done which is bad is what i have, for the most part, not done. (because i was too afraid to act, because i saw how others abused their power, and i didn't wanna be like that).

but that i, or you, or anyone, has these desires, proves that we are intrinsically good, we long for a better life, and we hate evil, but don't know how to cope with it.

one thing i'm realizing more and more and more lately is: it really isn't just about knowledge.

sure, it's important to know, and feel, and find your direction, but there comes a point at which you either decide to act, or just keep researching pretending you cannot act, "just yet".

i have thus decided to put a zip on my mouth, and my mental mouth, for the time being, and visit dtv less, as i find it to be a bit of a merry go round lately.

of course i love all the people here in this great community we've somehow built,
and feel closer, in a platonic and other sense, to them, but day after day, looking for that answer, searching seeking, searching, seeking... it's not healthy.

when i reflect for more than a moment, i know, i already have my answer, i just need to go and do it.

Cheers NewEarthMan, here's to everything you are, in the present, past, and future.

do away with shame, forget about the story you keep telling yourself and start a new one (oh yes, this takes so much discipline! But it is the way out ! And there is no "half way" with this, if you commit to it, it WILL happen. IT WILL!)


just believe it, because if you continue to believe "if i gave my best, and didn't achieve it, at least i tried", you are acquiescing to defeat before you have begun. you know, if you really put it all in, it WILL happen. this doesn't mean it will happen on the first try, just, eventually, it will.

i had a bit of an enlightening conversaiton with myself yesterday, and what i realised is when people drop these rolls, and let go o their problems, they are afraid of who they are, because they are no longer defined by their limits.

so look at a waterfall, and realise, that is you: pouring pouring pouring.

so go do what you wanna do,
because the world is already waiting for you (:

peace and a thousand aether hugs ^_^

:hugging: :hugging: :hugging:


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Your faith will make you whole

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PostMon Feb 20, 2012 4:54 am » by Newearthman

Thanks Sam, I'm with you 100% :cheers:

DTV can take the wind from under our sails from time to time and it's good to take breaks...Once you are awakened you can't go back to ignorence, both a blessing and potentially a curse. I'm glad to be in the know even if it stresses me out at times.

I think most of us here realise that we could transform our world into a paradise at any momemnt but our current system of authority won't allow it...this is what frustrates us free thinkers most I think. Eventually one of us free thinkers is going to change the world tho so stay strong and look forward to that idea. It could happen to be one of our children!

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