MKULTRA Documentary: CIA Mind Control Research "Human Experi

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Guns are not the problem people are that's why everyone carried a gun in the wild west if
someone gets crazy at least you have a fighting chance and can neutralize the problem. Every adult should
carry who is morally competent with intent to preserve life. I guarantee that if the teachers had a gun on campus there would be a totally different outcome. These videos show the kind of warfare that is implemented on the public. Most people are to ignorant to realize what is going on and are hypnotized
by Hollywood, music industry, Walt Disney, Sports, video, games ,Drugs , mainstream media,
republican, democrat.

What do you thinks better?

To be ignorant to the threat that endangers our lives and freedom.
like an animal who's not aware of the predator and enjoyed life until the second he died.


To know what's is really happening to us .
Suffer the insanity of our situation as if a timer on a bomb was ticking down to zero and awaiting our
battle ahead.

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