Modern Day Samurai Cuts Speeding Pellet in Two With Sword

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A bit dated but well worth another view

Isao Machii is now the headmaster of a samurai school, and what a fine example he is for his students. His hand-eye coordination is so precise that it earned him a Guinness World Record. His sword skills are so accurate that he is rumored to be unmatched by any other swordsman on Earth. He recently accepted a challenge from filmmakers, because what he does is impossible to view by the naked human eye. Shot at a firing range outside the hills of LA, Machii’s feat was recorded at a speed 250 times slower than normal with one of the world’s most sophisticated cameras . The witnesses were a filmmaker and Dr. Ramani Durvasula from California State University. Both were stunned to silence the moment Machii’s blade hit the bullet.

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I have seen vids of guns firing at Katana in jigs slicing bullets in half to show the sharpness of the blade, but never have I witnessed something so awesome as a master actually slicing a pellet in real time. and from the saya. I used to practice iaido (the art of drawing the sword) on rolled tatami mats and would occasionally have the blade at slightly the wrong angle and not slice through cleanly.

Immense vid, thanks for posting, going to favourite that one for sure Image :flop:
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