Moon landing filmed by Stanley Kubrick?

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Dark Side of the Moon is a French documentary by director William Karel which ...originally aired on Arte in 2002 with the title Opération Lune. The basic premise for the film is the theory that the television footage from the Apollo 11 Moon landing was faked and actually recorded in a studio by the CIA with help from director Stanley Kubrick. It features some surprising guest appearances, most notably by Donald Rumsfeld, Dr. Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, Buzz Aldrin and Stanley Kubrick's widow, Christiane Kubrick. The tone of the documentary begins with low key revelations of NASA working closely with Hollywood at the time of the Moon landings. Over the course of the tale, Karel postulates that not only did Kubrick help the USA fake the moon landings but that he was eventually killed by the CIA to cover up the truth. First hand testimony backing these claims come from Rumsfeld and Dr. Kissinger, which lend credence to the story.


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Devastating proof that the landing was shot in a studio on Earth! I just watched Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets hidden in the films of Stanley Kubrick, and it exposes Kubrick's "deal with devil", how he faked the moon landings in order to secure his future. This film was just released and is available at

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good post bloodnthunder :flop: :flop:
i have never seen this one before,, thanks

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Hey guys,

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Dark Side of the Moon is a mocumentary. It was done as a joke.

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