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PostTue Feb 02, 2010 11:54 pm » by jetxvii

giusdude wrote:Jet, stop the video at around 1:35, where the debunker guys takes away the color from the picture to show that those are 2 craters.
notice anything strange?

....... look at the shadows in the craters.

opposite angles. weird.

but then again, i'm ignorant about this things.
i would listen to Low6 opinion, cause he comes out as somebody that really knows what he's talking about.

go on google moon and check out the same crater, still looks the same. NASA wouldn't waste time digitally stimulating a picture, they would just black it out or smudge it...

but to each their own..

I am pretty sure six thinks this guy is a looney, but I won't speak for him, he can tell you himself.

after all this is the same guy that tries to pass every single bug off as a ROD, I do believe in Rods but some you just have to know that they aren't.

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PostWed Feb 03, 2010 12:04 am » by Giusdude

i see what you mean.....

shame, the whole documentary just lost his magic now.
as long as there's one idiot around wlling to believe bullshit, there will be a bullshitter


PostWed Feb 03, 2010 12:07 am » by jetxvii

giusdude wrote:i see what you mean.....

shame, the whole documentary just lost his magic now.

sorry man I didn't try to do that, I was just saying take this guy with a grain of salt, I respect his eye for the paranormal but he has been known to fudge a few things. some very obvious some not so much.

it was a beautiful documentary though, if anything the scenes and story is good.


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