'Morphing UFO !MUST SEE! Absolutely Amazing' NOPE!

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PostThu Sep 09, 2010 12:31 am » by Keyfob

sorry to disappoint you all but whatever it was it was not morphing....

i am a photographer and like shooting things in an abstract way, i have a vid on youtube i did shooting the streetlights through a wet window. granted these lights were much bigger than that of the object but you will see what happens to light when refracted through the water on the window.... ( 30 seconds into vid...)


if you notice in the video posted there was a gap from shooting the object and seeing it as a solid shape. when the video resumes with the morphing version the person who shot the video was shooting the object through another part of the window. also the zooming into the object correlates with the movement of the 'morphing'.

I am not suggesting in any way that this was done intentionally to deceive, rather that it is refraction mistaken as morphing!

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