Morsi Foresees Regime Change in Syria

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Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has blasted the Syrian government and predicted imminent regime change in Syria.

On September 5, in what the Associated Press referred to as his first major foreign-policy speech, Morsi warned Syria’s Assad regime: “Don’t listen to the voices that tempt you to stay [in power], because you will not be there for much longer. There is no room for further delaying a decision that will stop the bloodshed.” The speech riled Syria, prompting its Foreign Ministry’s retort that the remarks constituted “blatant interference in Syrian internal affairs.”

Earlier, in his speech that provoked a Syrian walkout at the Non-Aligned Movement (nam) summit in Iran August 30, Morsi condemned Bashar Assad’s government as “an oppressive regime that has lost its legitimacy.” ... 3f65bf9758
He rallied the 120 nations at the nam summit for “effective interference from all of us.” Solidarity with the Syrian population, he said, “is an ethical duty, as it is a political and strategic necessity.” ... SH20120830

Morsi’s recent remarks carry a lot of weight. He was elected two months ago after the Arab Spring forced longstanding Hosni Mubarak out of power. The Assad family has ruled Syria for four decades. The Muslim Brotherhood of Syria is thought to be the most powerful and most organized opposition force in Syria, as was the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt when it put Morsi into power.

Watch for an imminent regime change in Syria. Read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s article “How the Syrian Crisis Will End,” and watch his Key of David program titled “Psalm 83 Alliance Is Being Fulfilled” for deeper understanding on Syria in prophecy. ... s-will-end

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