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The presentation given by Michael Hoggard is great. I have listed a few of his findings and links from his seminar in the form of notes, which I feel is important to see the big picture he paints very well;

-hermeticism and alchemy conceals the secrets
of the grand arcanum

-the square and compass are the tools to decode
the grand arcanum

-the grand arcanum is hidden in symbol and allegory

-the masonic ladder - dna - the bible is full
of masonic secrets - the bible contains the secret

-compass of faith is above the square of reason

-jesus holds the keys of the grand arcanum

-23 chromozone pairs - 20 cubits tall - twin pillars
of jachin and boaz

-parthenon - greatest centre of pagan worship - temple
where the gods live - made up of 46 pillars - 46 dna chromozones

-freemasons hold the keys to human genome

-the temple of god is the human body
-god dwells in the temple of man

-Freemasonry is about the ascension of man - supports evolution

-Freemasonry and Transhumanist agenda - live as gods
-all about rebuilding solomons temple
-its really about rebuilding the human body - later own the human hybrid beast

-masonry builds its temple in the heart of man
-rosicrucian doctrine - the end and aim of human evolution

-alchemists philosophers stone - the great secret
the key to immortality

-secret place of the ark of the covenant - the cell nucleus

-do not place idols in place of the cell nucleus

-want to create the fourth kingdom - is the satanic system - spiritual prison for the mind
(links to UCADIA and the revision of the three kingdoms of the papal bull)

- the temple of man - where god lies

-want to hijack the seat of man = tampering with the dna of man
producing a new creature - any links to monsanto's agenda? patenting plants and
animals - humans next? - mark of the beast.

-the compass is the heavenly and the square is the earthly
male and female - the sons of god mingled with the daughters of men

-worshiped the son god - false god, its in heaven
-mother goddess - gaia - earthly
-what happens when the sun meets the earth - creates plants, animals life
the union is the children of the two - life force is born between heaven and earth
seed = genetics - serpent = sons of belial
- war going on between sons of woman and sons of belial
- oraboras - secret of immortality - serpent - mouth = woman
tail = male
-earth and heavenly
-Androgyny - primordial end of human endevour
defusion of the opposites - transhumanism is a freemasonic movement

-yin yang and the sun wheel - concept of balance
justifying the union of good with evil - what relationship do they have?

-the four chambers of the heart - the seat of man

-key stone of freemason - crystal what unites the man and women
= dna

-checkerboard of dark and light black and white

-carpenter making an idol - in the bible - god warns not to worship idols

-two faces of 33 ordo ab chao - union of male and female in one body

-dissolve the old man, coagulate into new creature,
dissolve human into immortals - alchemy is about

-masonic ladder = dna - symbol of man and woman union

-bible is a historic plan for the future of mankind

-may day = fertility dance
stairway to heaven - may queen - led zeppelin

rossalyn chapel - apprentice pillar - dna

winding staircase in the temple of freemasonry
jachin and boaz - spheres of earth and stars

-statue of liberty - winding staircase - dna
godess - idol - holds light of occult illumination

-chinese - heaven on earth temple

-cross and the crown - sons of god mingling with daughters of men

-23 chromozone pairs = jachin and boaz - sphinxes

-sphinxes, cherubim - merging of man with beast - freemasons desire to
create super race

-leonardo davinchi knew the secret

-mona lisa represents androgeny - angel in the flesh

-priory of sion members = jean the 23rd, became pope the 23rd

-john f k death assasination = ceremony

-disney beauty and the beast - daughters of men and sons of god

-sub rosa - anything done in secret

-symbols and variations of the cross = chromosones and x chromosones

-knights templar discovered the secret

-the x files tv show - alien human hybrid

-x-men - dna altered, divine race, super-men

-nexxus game - nexxus = convergence and combine of two things

-skull and cross bones = skull = satan, x = chromozones

-keys of the papacy - cross keys - x chromosones

-sun wheels - symbol of immortality - chromosones

-new world airport links

-cross on a map - from the knights templar, 32 points rose compass

-matrix - serpent upon the belly

-links of ufos and freemasonry

-if they change the dna, they change the creature

-the bible determines what the church is - they changed the bible, they changed the church

-genetics, mapping and change human dna

-Transhumanism and the age of aquarius - new age movement
aliens to come down and change the seat of man - breed with the daughters of men

-the idea of synergy is being introduced into churches and schools

-the secret - law of attraction links movement

-adam cadmon - the new human - god human, full dna activation

-heroes tv show links

-the new age movement of aliens - alien human hybrids

-john mack - changing human consciousness - joining of new species
a new evolutionary form

-david jacobs - secret life

-angels/ aliens - decieved the world and they get cast out

-roswell - the aliens fell to earth - demons cast out
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PostMon Mar 05, 2012 4:03 am » by G3n3sis

from my perspective here is the 411:

1. they had planned this with ancient knowledge years ago
2. the bible encodes that plan, but reflects on its downfall
3. the masonic plan is to merge man and woman together (androgeny) in one body but with enhanced super human dna - unlocking our full potential while producing a slave beast race to be master over.
4. An alien presence, whether staged or not will give rise to the unlocking of the human genome - which freemasons jealously guard.
5. They know of a giant event which will kill off most of humanity and they will make a super race from the survivors with a new spiritual-scientific doctrine.
6. Aliens will be cast out in the final war between good and evil.
7. they have already established the three kingdoms with the vaticans three crowns and are awaiting events when most of humanity will be annihilated to then create the new world order - the fourth kingdom.
"The Sign of an Educated Mind is that, Which can Entertain a Notion or Idea Without Accepting it"

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PostMon Mar 05, 2012 4:19 am » by Truthdefender

So what is your conclusion? Because Hoggard preaches Christ as Savior, UFO's as fallen angels and the soon to come antichrist and tribulation. His presentations are not esoteric, they are all Biblical and include Jesus as the Crucified Son of God.
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PostMon Mar 05, 2012 5:25 am » by Zer0

So he is just another bible blabbler? How original... :roll:
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PostMon Mar 05, 2012 12:27 pm » by G3n3sis

If we compare Tom Horns work on freemasonry as well, we have a serious and dangerous plan. I believe Jim Keith was correct when he titled his book "Saucers of the Illuminati" and how Wernher von Braun of NASA knew of the order in which events were to take place before the last card was to be used to bring in the new world. There is a strong connection between freemasonry and advanced flying vehicles. Why would the masons be so bold as to carve in stone their plans and pass the baton through history, which has lasted hundreds if not thousands of years, has a masonic culture of the future influenced the past and already secured its own future? yes im suggesting time traveling masons - would it not be in their own interest to do this - if not for humanity itself. Its so wild as to be nuts :shock:
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PostSat Mar 17, 2012 4:22 pm » by G3n3sis

A recent article in the Atlantic talks about re-engineering the human body to avert climate change - the plan to rebuild the temple of man is an old one, but they are bringing the masonic plan backed by the United Nations into the light of the public evermore-so now. Agenda 21 also states that despite the plans to curb co2 emissions, no human is immune to co2 production by breathing.

Your guilty until proven innocent and instead of deciding yourself if you want to change your own body, they will do it for you by bringing the scientific-religious doctrine of the masons to life. The description also paints a picture similar to that of the classic ET - that is the future of man. The grey is not an alien, they are us from the future - the masonic plan has already been achieved. ... ge/253981/
"The Sign of an Educated Mind is that, Which can Entertain a Notion or Idea Without Accepting it"

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