multicolored UFO Tepexpan mexico november 2nd 2009

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PostSat Nov 07, 2009 7:22 pm » by bugmenot

multicolored UFO Tepexpan mexico november 2nd 2009 :alien: ... f%26sa%3DG

filmed through a telescope

A multicolored object was observed for 5 hours

Video of 2 November 2009, State of Mexico.

Author: Engineer Victor Gabriel Gonzalez Gonzalez.

He recorded using a telescope.

On November 2, to get to my garage, I noticed a red ball in the sky. I wanted to see it with binoculars, but did not distinguish well, was very high. So I did not pay much attention, thinking it might be a balloon. When I went out to eat I realized I was in the same place, which quite surprised me.

I told my father to take out the telescope, and thus obtained three parts of the video, at 2 pm

filmed through a telescope

It was surprising when expelled a silver orb that moved slowly.

This I could not save it because the memory to store was full.

In the Hubble images are inverted, so the red ball was down, and then left the smaller one.

I think it's weird, a UFO as a balloon or anything else - does not remain static for long periods. In total lasted 5 hours, until it was due to volcanoes.

Upload to ... f%26sa%3DG :alien:

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PostSat Nov 07, 2009 7:26 pm » by Thewindycity

dammmm. Never seen one that looked like a cupcake before~! And pink?
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PostSat Nov 07, 2009 9:27 pm » by Boondox681

i believe it's the ever-elusive,long-awaited....NIPPLE OF THE GODS!

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PostSat Nov 07, 2009 10:02 pm » by Wolfbane7272

I find it interesting that if this story had happened in the states or canada the newcasters would be having a hearty gaffaw over it . with their newcaster quips but in Mexico they tend to actually take a story like this seriously first I thought it looked like a pineapple cake ..didint see it moving .. but in the background the clouds or what appear to be clouds were then I thought hmm well look at that ..they defintely have a sense of flair in their ships huh?


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