Multiple UFO crafts captured on film

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giusdude wrote:
wolfbane7272 wrote:so what i would like to know is if this person is a fraud, why instead of believing a bunch of people from youtube ( ya there credibility for ya) why has no one gone to take a look for themselves , see it with their own eyes ? i am not making a claim of the validity either way .but if i wanted to put it to rest for certain i would go to see it for myself .

What are you talking about?
people HAVE gone out there and filmed planes.
Mufon went there, looked at the 3 airports close by, LAUGHED and left....
Why would anyone waste their time and money with this scammer? Shes not crazy, shes trying to make money out of this. Every now and then, she comes back on here and other websites to post more bullshit and get more clicks....
I know of at least a dozen different people that have gone to film planes overthere, what more proof do you need dude?

i never said i needed proof i was stating why no one has gone there instead of listening to some rambles on youtube . and once again i made no claims about the validity of her story i have seen some vids and it does appear to be planes , but then again if one was to go there personally then they would be able to see it for themselves . lol cheers



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