Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi Claims Win

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You see, its only the beginning of the end...........

Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi Claims Win, Egypt's Military Claims Powers

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on Jun 18, 2012 by VOAvideo

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi has claimed victory in Egypt's first post-uprising presidential race. But the rival camp of old guard candidate Ahmed Shafiq disputes the unofficial results, while the ruling military council has claimed sweeping powers, throwing this major test of the nation's transition into doubt. VOA's Elizabeth Arrott has more from Cairo.

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If you don’t know who Mohammed Morsi is and what motivates him, then watch this video...

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This man seeks to create a nation governed by sharia law that will destroy Israel, extinguish Jews, capture Jerusalem and help establish a global caliphate. Just this week, in the wake of his successful election, Morsi declared that he is determined to “achieve the Islamic conquest (fath) of Egypt for the second time, and make all Christians convert to Islam, or else pay the jizya,” the additional Islamic tax, or financial tribute. That remarkable statement is essentially a declaration of war on Egypt’s Christians!

What’s most sad, though, is the fact that we’re not going to see Morsi’s statement—and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in general—seriously discussed on Fox News, in the New York Times or by the White House. Why? Because as the Prophet Isaiah warned, America’s featherbrained leaders are sleeping watchdogs.

Did you know the Bible prophesied this exact scenario? In Isaiah 56, God likens the leaders of America and Britain—including the “experts” in news analysis and media—to lazy, useless watchdogs who sleep as dangers encroach. “For the leaders of my people,” God says, “are all blind to every danger. They are featherbrained and give no warning when danger comes” (verse 10; Living Bible). Is there a more apt description of the West’s habit of underestimating the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? The prophecy continues: “they love to lie there, love to sleep, to dream. And they are as greedy dogs, never satisfied; they are stupid shepherds who only look after their own interest, each trying to get as much as he can for himself from every possible source” (verse 11).

Ever since the revolution began, experts in the West have been dreaming about what they want to happen in Egypt, and have failed to contemplate seriously—then bark about—the reality of what is actually happening!

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