(MUST SEE VIDEO) Dr. John Hall on Electronic Mind Control

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PostWed Apr 07, 2010 9:01 pm » by Sevakmuni

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PostWed Apr 07, 2010 9:29 pm » by sockpuppet

If this is true, then why oh why do they bother with UAVs?
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PostThu Apr 08, 2010 2:40 pm » by Kingz

drabbit wrote:that video pissed me off...
I think I was a victim I would like to contact that guy and tell him what they have done to me

way back in the day at AV http://www.astrovera.com/forum/
a member there openly admitted he worked for DARPA
Linda from http://theforceiswithinyou.twilightlegend.com/ can verify she seen this person say it and then it was quickly deleted.
there was some fucking weird shit going on

I seen shit in my home I seen ghosts I seen aliens and told many it didn't look REAL liked 2Dish and a blue tint
looked like it was being projected!

like this! see video

Upload to Disclose.tv

not real I told many this every time I seen something I told someone this shit was driving me crazy!

I heard voices too that could be at the store at home in a parking lot you name it
oh and listening to music I think they tapped into the radio frequencies.

I thought maybe who ever was doing was tracking me using street cams or school cams ...

my daughter was affected as well she seen ghosts and heard voices and strange lights in her room

no one else was affected in my home
just us two..

my son was away in iraq and when my husband would show up it would all go away

lasted I dont know maybe a month?

both of us did not sleep very good at all
it was a nightmare every single fucking day

then it just ended....
like that like a switch

I totally believe with no doubt we were experimented on with these strange tools the government has to control people. and I have done enough research that proves my point

I guess they got the results they were looking for watching me freak out on line
fucking mind control shit fucking animals!


Well, I have seen pretty much all of your posts, and I must say without any personal pun intended.... That you not have been the most pleasant person to read posts from... you seriously rant like a crazy person sometimes in my opinion.... and I'm not that easily shocked or influenced by someones perspectives... But have you maybe considered that some of the things could be a bit over the top.? :peep: I'm really sincerly wondering, Not everyone and everything is out to get you / us...

Like the posts few days ago with the smurf thing on GLP or whatever the forum is called..... If there are so called "smurfs" undercover illuminatie privateCuntractors, mindcontrolling psychoanalyzers behind these forums.... they shure as hell are not going to put that shit out there for everyone too see with a danish flag on it and post a BOMB.... :roll:

Anyway, I can understand that you have had difficulties and that strange things happened.... but not Everything is related or connected to eachother.... Sometimes you just have to take a step back, and look at things from another perspective ;)

The more you will look for that connection the more often you will find it, both positive or negative :flop:
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PostThu Apr 08, 2010 3:05 pm » by Thesaint

This makes so much sense to me.

When Blossom Goodchild claimed that she was getting channeled messages from a force claiming to be ET and the promise of showing themselves, when it didn't happen rather than jump on the band wagon of ridiculing her I (with hand on my heart) and especially after hearing her interview the day before it was obvious that 1, she wasn't mad and believed what she was hearing and receiving and 2, her utter disbelief and sadness was definitely genuine. I found it amazing that everyone thought that she was a crank, (again with hand on heart) i REALLY BELIEVED that she was being manipulated in some way so that we all would give the same reaction (and lets face it most of us did)

I had not heard of voice to skull but was aware of tech that could direct a whisper and was sure that something like this was being used. I have no belief or disbelief in the Fed of light (I still don't) but I was sure that what this lady was hearing and receiving was genuine. I am a great believer in our own human intuition and we should trust it more. That woman was never a crank and was used imo. With this in mind we need to ask ourselves two questions. 1, was it just an experiment and B.G. the perfect target or 2, is it (the more obvious one to me) to take us down the wrong path so that not if but when there is contact, we shall dismiss it more readily. That woman put her whole life and future on the line right up until the hour before it was supposed to happen and my intuition (and that of many watching) after seeing her response told me that she was a sane normal individual who really believed those messages because she was really receiving them.

Take this for what it's worth but I really did feel that this was the case before I listened to this video, now I'm more convinced then ever. (but like a shit I didn't voice it when I should of) Ah they did a great job, didn't they?


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PostThu Apr 08, 2010 5:18 pm » by sockpuppet

aladin wrote:

Upload to Disclose.tv

You know, there is something else these states (Florida and Texas) have in common.... Morgellons.
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