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raphael wrote:
mikeizon wrote:raph ted talks wont like it if you find out the secrets ....... there nutcases hell bent on depopulation....... im sure you are aware of this .... i dont mean to b a troll just thats the way it is

just the way it is?
does the troll have a source?

who is NOT hell bent on depopulation though?
a LOWER ENTROPY future suggests the same thing...
the universe seeks LOWER ENTROPY

no hiding from the facts that the our entire solar system is headed in that direction...
Ted would just reflect that...
no conspiracy


I dont think lower entropy suggests lower population, and certainly not killing to achieve it, fear and hate are destructive and thus not productive for the big conciousness. fear and hate are also associated with blockages and act negatively on the human organism. Love on the other hand brings unity, creativity (like being in the flow) and with that lower entropy on a micro and macro scale. Man made depopulation (through intent) and low entropy are opposites in that sense.Inanimate objects seek higher entropy (decompose once they have been constructed, sentient entities/souls seek lower entropy through their experiences). If the universe was seeking higher entropy then everything would be heading towards falling apart into chaos but we know it is the other way round. :cheers:

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PostSun Nov 16, 2014 2:27 am » by Marley

Do you think it is a key to own? To turn in a lock? It is not. It is up to you, through your endeavors to learn what you have forgotten and un-learn what you have been convinced to accept.



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