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Heres a edited part of it just a snippet lol..
A gleam of light shines brightly through an oval window, reaching one end of the floor, crawling ever so slowly towards the other side. It reaches the base of a wooden dresser, atop of which sits a picture of a little boy clutching a beautiful woman's leg, and a stern looking man. The light moves past the dresser, reaching the edge of a bed. The light moves up, half enveloping the sleeping, snoring form on the bed. As it reaches his shoulders, a loud, piercing screech erupts from the alarm clock. "Damn alarm," he says, yawning, as he reaches over to deactivate it. Yawning again, he mumbles, "What a weird dream." He lifts his hands to his eyes, yawning again, rubbing the sleep away.
With a crackling sound the intercom comes on. A woman's voice says, "Captain Wolfius to the bridge." Wolfius sits up on his bed, streching his arms towards the ceiling, one at a time.
"I admit, they are persistent," Wolfius says to his dog. He shakes his head vigorously, trying to wake up. Nina, his big huskie dog imitates him by shaking her head along with him. He swings his legs out of bed, howling, "Jesus Christ! Damn floor is cold as shit!" as his feet make contact with the metal floor. He pulls his legs back onto the bed. "I always forget how damn cold these Accipter-class ships are. Nina, where are my slippers? Nina!" Nina is in the corner of the cabin, growling softly as she slobbers on his slippers. Wolfius winces as his feet meet the freezing floor once again, stumbling across the floor towards Nina. "Nina, how dare you take my slippers and let me freeze my poor feet off!" Nina drops the slippers from her mouth, looks up at Wolfius, and begins to pant, dropping even more slobber on the slippers. "You know what Nina? Fine! I'll go without slippers today. I hope you're happy to know I'll be freezing." He wraps his arms around himself and shivers. Nina, looking very pleased with herself, wags her tail rapidly, thumping it on the floor. "Yeah, yeah, I have to take a shower now, so be on your best behavior. You know the Admiral doesn't allow pets on science vessels." Nina barks once in reply. "Yes, I love you too, you big slobbering devil." Nina jumps up on him, her front paws on his chest, licking his face as he rubs her sides.
The cabin door opens vertically, splitting in the middle, with a hydraulic hiss. A young, dark haired woman walks in, approaching Wolfius and Nina. "Excuse me Captain, am I interrupting?" Nina disengages from Wolfius and pads over to the woman to inspect the newcomer.
"Yes, yes you are. Can you not see I was with a beautiful woman?" He gestures towards Nina.
Emi kneels down to rub Nina's head. "Who's a good dog? Who's a such a good dog? Yes you are! And why are you still with this schmuck?" Nina turns her head to give Wolfius a glare.
"Women... always sticking together. If you like Emi so much, why don't you stay with her?" Wolfius narrows his eyes sarcastically.
"Please Captain, it's Sergeant Emilia, we're not dating at the Martian Combat Academy anymore."
"Ah, still as uptight as always," says Wolfius, laughing at his own humor.
"I'm not uptight, just very proud to be here and working on this mission... unlike some people on this mission."
"Sergeant, are you referring to a certain Pilot, named Chris?" Emilia looks down at the floor. "Has he been drinking and hitting on the cafeteria staff again?"
"May I speak out of rank, Captain?"
"Of course you can, Emi... uh... Sergeant Emilia. What is it then?"
"Well, in my previous statement, I was referring to you."

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PostThu Jul 18, 2013 12:03 pm » by Slith

Seems to be coming along nicely Eric.

"Jesus Christ, the floor is cold as shit" might need a touch of an edit though

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PostThu Jul 18, 2013 2:20 pm » by ericmarr

Yeah there are some other things as well :D


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