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OK, there's been a lot of talk here and elsewhere and a lot of accusations and observations about this or that mod or member, blah blah.

For anyone that actually cares to hear my side, here it is - I don't expect to change anybody's mind and I am sure I may be attacked and challenged for my views - but I'm not here to escalate things, I just want to give my viewpoint as honestly as possible on a few subjects.

I haven't been here as long as some, but I've been pretty active since I joined and I've seen a lot of people come and go and I've observed a lot of the dynamics pretty closely. Of course, my viewpoint is highly subjective and I do have alliances with people who are my friends, but that's what friends do.

So first I want to say a few things about Spock. Yeah, Spock is my friend and has been since day one. We are almost opposites politically but we get along. We do talk a lot and we talk with other mods and people on skype, cause it's free, easy and fun. We get drunk and talk about all kind of shit and disagree sometimes. We're friends.

I've watched Spock in his role as mod and all in all I'd say he's done a pretty fucking good job. I've seen him stick his neck out for people many times (including Rabbit) - he's got a good heart and he's as fair as I would ever expect any mod to be.

You can say I'm an ass-kisser, I really don't care, but Spock has always been pretty straight up with me and with everyone else here. I think DTV is lucky to have had him for so long. He has stuck with the job through thick and thin like no other mod here has (but I think we have some good new mods now, also). He's funny, and has a forgiving nature and he's put up with more shit than I think a lot of people can imagine. I stand behind him and I think he's doing a good job.

He doesn't set any agenda here, and he never tells me what to do. If anything, he asks for other people's advice - we mods all think and act on our own - and sometimes i don't agree with other mod's actions and other mods have criticized mine - that's the way it's supposed to work.

In the case of Rabbit, The active mods unanimously agreed after a lot of discussion, that Rabbit was out of control and really becoming a liability to the site. Many members felt that way, too. Some didn't.

But I can swear to this - Spock tried very hard to be friends with Rabbit, more than anyone except for Six and Sock. I tried too, but I don't want to go into a big Rabbit-bashing here, either. It's pointless. She decided to abandon friendships - it wasn't caused by the many people here who really tried to befriend and defend her.

Suffice it to say, anyone who saw what really went on, like the mods and a few members did, would have a hard time defending her actions or criticizing ours. If anyone ever deserved banning, it was Rabbit.

And keep in mind, Rabbit not only once, but twice, in the past, decided all on her own to leave, had all her posts removed, and told us all to fuck off.

But of course, she came back. She still comes back several times a week under a new name, stirs shit and gets banned again.

Unanimous active mod decision. End of story. Bye, Rabbit. You have a new home.

As far as Zaff is concerned, and the threads that suggest I was against Spock's decision, that's not really true. I said I supported Spock and it was only later that I saw what Zaff actually wrote, and now I totally agree - I would have done the same. The ban will probably not be permanent, but as Spock said, no more personal family shit-slinging, and that goes for everyone, including us mods.

And as far as OHCEEBEE is concerned - I haven't answered any of the accusations over there because number one - I respect their turf, no matter what is said there, and I will not go over there to join in the "debate" because that's their scene and I'm not that interested in it.
They can say whatever they want.

I've also suggested to others to not engage - OK i take a random jab at them now and then, but I do it here, and frankly, their site seems a bit obsessed with ours. Personally, I'd rather let it go, and I wish our people wouldn't take it over there as I don't want them to bring it here.

I see no big conflict. That's all in the people's minds who wish it to be. I wish Drex and the gang no ill, and I have always wanted to just fucking co-exist.

The recent shit has been ridiculous - I'm sick of all of it and regretful for any part I might have played, because it's just pointless. But I must say, I'm really glad at this point that Eagan is there, and not here, ha ha.

We're trying to keep this place as fun and as open as possible to everyone - and I KNOW that that is all the other mods want.

None of us mods are perfect, that's for sure, but I think we all agree on the basics and that's why we ALL get along, for the most part. We have the same goals in mind.

We all love this place, and for good reasons. If you like the place and want to hang around and play fair most of the time, then you're welcome.

If you don't like it, there are other choices. Some might feel more at home on Drex's site, or somewhere else, even. To each his own.

I stand by this site and the mods, it still works for me. A lot of new people are coming in, we've got some great long-time members and things are always changing - let's go with the flow. :cheers:
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