My Philosophy 2-dont worry it's short,lol

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lol you just had to post a part 2 lol, I feel that still, because even if we meditate and astral project, even when we make it into the higher dimensions we still need to decipher what is real and what is a manifestation of our subconcious. We just have to trust our intuition, yes intuition is real and its not there for nothing. If you want to increase your intuition I suggest meditating to the mantra O for 10min a day. And youll notice your hunches more accurate the more you do it.

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gabriel892 wrote:To ask the question, "What am I really suppose to believe in?", is futile. No one quite knows who or what they are. The memories you have and the life you were given are burdens you have to carry. It doesnt matter if it's real or not, that's never the point. There's no such thing in this world as absolute reality. Most of what we call real is actually fiction. What you think you see is only as real as your mind tells you it is. However, what we can do is tell others about "having faith". About what we have faith in. What we find important enough to fight for. It's not whether you are right or wrong, but about how much faith you were willing to have. THAT decides the future. Never obsess over words, phrases or judegments.. Find the meaning and reason behind them, then decide. You can find your own calling and your own future. Choose your own Legacy.

No offense, but this just sounds like a superficial regurgitation of Sartre and the Matrix movies. If you want to do real philosophy you need to back-up what you say, i.e. ''Most of what we call real is actually fiction.'' - where on earth does that statement come from???

By claiming that it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, 1) you are unjustly excusing yourself from critism and 2) as I said in my last comment about your first philosophy, you are justifying everything and anything. I could say that my philosophy of life is the rule of the jungle, only the strongest survive, thus justifying the right of one nation to annex a smaller nation just for the sake of it, not taking into consideration the rights of innocent individuals, because innocent is just a man-made concept with no intrinsic value.

I could say, ''we are not allowed to question what the government says because the government is the representative of the state and the state is more important than the individual.'' JUSTIFIED - there is no right or wrong, whatever you feel more comfortable with!

I don't know if you're reading my comments Gabriel, but I would like to know your take on them,


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gabriel892 wrote:[

your taking this too seriously, it's just my opinion. The reason why I say that it'snot about whether you are right or wrong,but about how much you were willing to have is because we allbelieve in different things...
So I say, repsect others beliefs and you will never do something like that, however I do believe one should fight for his own beliefs if he/she is being scrutinized(themeslves, religion etc). Stop worrying if it's the popular thing or not, just go with what makes you happy.

Thats all Im saying bro

Thanks Gabriel for you honest reply. In your initial philosophy you invited us to be critical, and being a student of philosophy, I took the invitation seriously but I understand exactly what your saying, even though, I study philosophy, a lot of times, I think, man, what a waste of time - so many of them dedicate their lives to philosophy, trying to come up with a solution to man's problem and in the end their theories are flawed, and we are none the better off for their contribution nor they.

Were you by any chance referring to yourself in the third person in your last post??! I really enjoyed reading it, because it's an important struggle and unfortunately not one that enough people do, and though I may sound serious, I see life as one big adventure and even though it has its difficulties - just as you were saying, parents think your rebelling, friends think your crazy and in the end you're all alone - these are the moments, the struggles that make you who you are and who you will become! Think of Gandhi, his struggles for his people, define him and he is a hero for that. ''Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured''. Make the most out of life's struggles, you have the power to control them and the sooner you realize this the better, otherwise they will own you.

I'm a Catholic so I guess I'm pretty settled as far as what is the meaning of my life but I think even if you don't share the Christian faith, everyone knows the basic principles that are valid for everyone, ''love thy neighbor as thyself, do unto others as you would have them do unto you'' whoever is right or wrong, it doesn't matter as long as you apply these principles. But even if you come across people who don't apply them, you can apply them anyway, that's what being an example to others is all about!


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