My Philosophy of existence-tell me what you think

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PostSat Jan 31, 2009 5:01 pm » by Achillis

Hi gabriel,

I agree with your views when you say that we create our own reality--both individually and collectively. The power of thoughts and beliefs is something that many of us are unaware of and don't want to be bothered about, and it's amazing, given that we're constantly creating and recreating our worlds through these thoughts. So, if the majority of us believe that the world will end by 2012, there's a huge possibility that it will.

If thoughts can destroy us, they can redeem us too. What if the majority beleive that we will be saved or we'll ascend to a higher dimension in 2012 when our earth enters the photon belt? Will that happen? Why not! If thinking negative can pull you down then the same thought pattern can be used for your upliftment, if you learn to think positively.

I practise meditations regularly and I'm aware of the effect of visualizations and affirmations in my daily life, aware of how powerful these things can be. And when I speak to others about these, they somehow tend to agree, though a few years ago, you could've been dismissed as a total nut for blabbering such esoterica. Reality is not just what we see, hear, touch--it's also what we feel, think, intend and much much more. Maybe in the years to come, more and more people will open up to all these facets of reality and then the shift of consciousness can happen at the collective level. And it could go the other way too, you never know!


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PostMon Feb 23, 2009 7:53 am » by Headsinthesand

i agree with your perspective to a point, there is alot of talk of the power of positive thought lately with the perspective that a massive amount of positive thought will perhaps bring about some cosmic miracle, but the fact is that our thoughts and feelings greatly determine our actions, so the massive amount of positive thought would bring about a massive amount of positive action, i am not saying i do not believe in the collective consiousness and that i do not believe in ghosts and ufos because i do, but i do believe that in the search for answers to these things human beings as a whole are sheep looking for a shepard, we tend to look for prohpets and leaders who will tell us the truth but little do we as a group like to question these leaders for fear of repremand ( aka following a prophets advice for hope of a beautiful place in the clouds instead of firey pit below). we need to start questioning the world powers on a larger scale and demanding that the whole population has the same rights to life and medicine and food.

Happiness is a state of mind not a situation.

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PostWed Feb 25, 2009 2:59 am » by lainn

Trully...i don't think any of us are here....i believe that it is the power found in just belief alone and not what one believes in....yes you are right....a congragation of people will watch a miracle of healing occur in front of them because all consintrated energies focus on that one individual that was external force...just that what was given ....though no god above, yet god within...there is no end.. in the words most extreme use...pages after pages are written...individually that connect collectively....and collectively that connect infinately....

I believe that choice is a the sense that truth is hidden and destractions are created to keep at bay the true power of what it is to be human.....we all have the potential to create as well as destroy...the dualities.....always become a creator or destructor of be a supernova that destroys all in its path only to create anew ....or implode on yourself and become a black whole that who knows does exactly the same on the other end of its twist....truth absolute is connected to true freedom....but think...if we all did know our true potential would we use it in our present state of mind....maybe...just maybe we all created this ...just to prove that point to ourselves.

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PostWed Feb 25, 2009 5:30 am » by Dazfromoz

Hi I just wanted to reply to Gabrial and those of you who replied to his post with intelligent intent. You are all on the right track in as much as being aware that the reality we live in is indeed created by ourselves. All we need to remember is that the power of thought is the thing that pervaides all. Thought precedes all manisfestation phisical or other dimentional existance. The problem down here on the phisical earth is that we particularly in western cultures have little or no knowlege or understanding of the TRUTH of it. If you look into the eastern belief systems you will see that they have a greater understanding of the spirit being that we truly are, that is to say we are a multi dimentional spirit being residing in a biological suit for the purpose of existing in this 3 dimentional phisical world. This is absolute TRUTH as one of your respondents mentioned he astro travels and this is testiment to that truth.( I must point out to that fellow he is traveling in the 4th dimention not the 5th) Infact we all astro travel only most of us are unaware of it and therefor dont believe it to be true. This lack of understanding is brought about largley by the belief known as christianity, this belief system tell you that you must look outside yourself for a higher power or savior. When in fact you must look inwardly to know that infact you are god. As strange as this may sound this is also TRUTH. You must remember that all relgions are designed to brainwash the individual to think a certin way in order that many individuals may be controlled by a reletively small number of individuals who wish to control the mass's. Lack of understanding and denial of TRUTH allows them to do this very well indeed. Hence the state we live in now. Alians, humanoide or otherwise do exist, Uncountable universes do exist, ghosts do exist and there is unimaginable amounts beyond our preception that also exist.At the end of the day WHAT YOU THINK IS---- WHAT YOU THINK BECOMES and if we all understood this you might say we would have a better world to live in during our time here, but there will allways be individuals who will think ill of his fellow man and wish to take what the other has through greed or fear. This is the result of free will, the freedom to choose. The more one gains understanding of the self the more one understands others and eventualy will choose for others what he would choose for himself. Allways speak out againts injust actions, allways demand the truth of situations from those around you and allways treat others as you would have them treat you. That is all you can do. As for future events on this earth remember that WHAT YOU THINK IS, so if you think you will ascend you will and if you think you will perish you will.Its as simple as that


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