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As many of you know already, about 8 weeks ago I was given both a live-shattering and a life-changing diagnoses by a team of holistic endocrinologists/nutritionists. So, I'm gonna give y'all a bit of my history and a little update on what has happened these last 8 weeks in the hopes that there may be a few of you out there who may actually benefit from what I'm about to say. This is very long and I made it long on purpose, because I want it to really sink in. I am willing to bet that each one of you, if you don't see yourself here, will know someone from your friends or family who have been though something similar.

And no, this doesn't include any kind of product endorsement. :P I'm not looking for sympathy, either.

I was born in 1978. As a kid, I was healthy. I was only sick twice; once when I was a few months old I was hospitalized with respiratory problems, and once when I was 5 I had an extreme case of the flu that was so bad the doctor's were afraid I had Reye's Syndrome (but I didn't). After seeing an adult neighbor get destroyed by the chicken pox, my mom tried to make me catch it when I was little by taking me out of school and leaving me to play all day with contagious classmates. By the time third grade was over, she gave up. I finally did get the chicken pox in the 5th grade... I got a whole 5 pox (hahaha). I didn't get many colds, but I did have mold allergies during the winter.

Development-wise, I was a bit ahead of most of the girls in my class during most of elementary school. I was about average in height (for the girls) but I hit puberty a little bit sooner. I had breasts and acne at age 10, my first period when I was 11; and as soon as that happened, I mysteriously stopped growing. My parents weren't very tall to begin with; my dad was 5'8 and my mom 5'3, but I somehow got stuck at 5'0 in the 6th grade.

When I was 11-12, I was taken to my first dermatologist, which turned out to be a big fail. After a year and a half, they still didn't find anything that worked, and worries switched over to something else- around my 12th birthday, in a matter of months, my 90-pound body had blown up to over 130 pounds, and I was hungry all the time. All I got from the doctorS was stupid information about puberty and weight gain and hormones, and information about the four food groups and how important it was to exercise. My family stopped their belief of a thyroid problem, and it changed over to a belief that I had an eating disorder since I "claimed" to be hungry all the time. I gained another 12 pounds in junior high, but I mysteriously managed to maintain my weight in the 9th grade while depression and really bad PMS kicked in. My acne worsened, I was suicidal, became an insomniac (but was exhausted, all the time), and I flipped back and forth between feeling hungry all the time, and having no appetite. I started getting menstrual cramps so bad that I would stay home from school on the first day just so I could be near a toilet in case I had to vomit.

The summer between 9th and 10th grade I had nothing to do all day long, so I literally walked my ass off... all the way down to a size 2-4. It melted off.... a lot faster than it was "supposed" to, based on the amount of exercise I was getting.

By the time I was 16, I started getting headaches in the afternoons, and migraines each month in addition to the menstrual crams which continued to get worse. I started waking up with stomach pains in the middle of the night. IT FELT LIKE I WAS STARVING, so I would hit the kitchen every night around 3am. I started gaining weight again, FAST in spite of still power-walking 4 miles a day. Because of the depression and over eating and everything else, my mother at this point accused me of being on drugs and being a closet eater. I got hauled every week to my first shrink (fail), another dermatologist (fail), and another lame doctor with another lame lecture about puberty and hormones who never once ran a blood test or honored my request to get a referral to an endocrinologist. I was offered birth control pills, though. I was miserable, and no one would listen to me and no one would help. The message I got, from everyone, was that it was all my fault. If I "just did" this and "stopped doing that," supposedly my problems would all vanish. They never did; I fell further into a pit of depression, anger, frustration, and helplessness. I couldn't understand what was wrong with me, why if the problem was puberty, then why it seemed like I was so much more fucked up than my peers.

Things got a little bit better when I went away to college. Ironically, my first semester I LOST 15 pounds (as opposed to gaining the proverbial "freshman 15"). Yeah, don't ask why. I stopped feeling hungry all the time, and the headaches went away. But instead, I started walking around in a daze. I couldn't think very well and I had a hard time focusing on my classes. It was like waking up one day and suddenly being ADD. By the end of my first year I had gone back down to 107 pounds and was back to wearing size 2-4.

My sophomore year of college my thinking got worse. Not only could I not focus on my classes, but I was too tired to even bother getting out of bed. My academic counselor suggested I should seek mental health services from the student clinic. So, I did. The requirement there was that I get a full physical and gynecological exam, so I did. The lady who did my exams told me she thought my problems were due to stress. She told me to rest and exercise, and to find a support group. Fail. The shrink told me I had dysthymia, and gave me pills that didn't work. Fail. So I went to another dermatologist, in the off chance this time around I could get Accutane and at least feel good about that. I lied about my history of depression, got the Accutane, and was zit-free- for a whole 6 months. Overall, fail.

I quit school at the end of my second year, got married, and lived in the Middle East. Things were nice. Very, very nice. The zits kinda went away, I never gained weight, and I didn't have headaches or menstrual problems, and I actually had energy to do things although I still suffered from other symptoms of depression. After I became pregnant we moved to the US. My health deteriorated again almost immediately. I never lost the pregnancy weight, and mentally I could not function. Eventually the insomnia and the exhaustion came back. I got pregnant a second time, and this time it was followed up by post-partum psychosis and weight gain. My docs did a series of blood tests, and they tested my blood sugar/glucose tolerance several times but it kept coming back normal. At that point, I just kinda figured being sick was going to forever be normal for me. I had no idea just how much sicker I could get.

After the divorce I tried the health store route and consulted with diet gurus who gave me all kinds of suggestions on how to make a vitamin-B, magnesium, 5-HTP, St. John's Wort, GABA, ginseng cocktails and a whole lot of other stuff as well. It never worked. Neither did any detox, diet change, or anything else. I found exercising to become nearly impossible; I rather suddenly developed an intolerance to any form of exercise since no matter how "light" I started out with any routine, it made me feel like I got hit by a train for a week or more. Stuff I could easily do when I was 50 pounds heavier was now pretty much impossible. But, a new shrink was giving me Celexa and that fixed up a lot.. I thought.. and so I was, relatively speaking, happy.

After that, I started having more hunger issue problems again. I would eat, and 30 minutes later feel hungry.. and if I didn't eat again, I would get nauseas and the headaches would come. I could swear I was hypoglycemic, but two doctors and three more glucose tolerance tests later, I still had no answer. According to the tests, I was fine.

I went back to school, but had a lot of old problems come back, the worse being the headaches and the ADD. Somehow I got through it though. During my last semester my shrink switched my medications to Cymbalta because the Celexa completely killed my libido. I seemed to be doing fine on it until of course my first semester of graduate school, when at age 29 I had a stroke. Ironically, my first degree was in linguistics and my graduate studies were in Arabic linguistics.. and it was the language center that got hit. It took me about a year and a half to gain fluency over English again. Arabic, French, and Spanish are GONE, as was my grant and a $180,000/yr translating career. And- I can say this is not an exaggeration- I completely lost all short-term memory function.

I immediately went cold turkey off the Cymbalta (bad idea) because I ended up getting hit with every symptom of withdrawal known to man. If ANYONE tells you that stuff isn't addictive, THEY ARE LYING. One of the weird things that happened though, was that I started getting stomach pains... not the seratonin stomach pains, but just PAIN. And it spread all over my body. My whole body, all the time, was in pain.

Disgusted by Western medicine, I went to a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. There was some relief while on the table, but it never lasted long. The herbs have got to be the grossest things ever put on earth- it was like drinking boiled tobacco everyday. But it never completely cured whatever was causing so many problems.

I eventually took a job as a baker, and the physical pain and exhaustion became infinitely worse. The first few weeks on the job I was in so much pain that by the end of my shift I could hardly walk back to my car. Often, I would sit and cry for a few minutes before turning the ignition. And when I got back home, I would have to nap for 15-20 minutes in my car before I was able to climb the three flights of stairs to my apartment. Fibromylagia was now a new part of my every-day life.

On top of the continuous pain, I also developed HORRENDOUS environmental allergies. As it turns out, if I get the allergy shots BEFORE the allergens kick up, then I am sorta ok; if I don't, then no amount of steroids could knock the reaction out of me. (As a gauge, back in January of this year I went to an allergist who tested me on 35 allergens in the area and I'm allergic to 28 of them.)

After the pain issue calmed a little, I then started having some serious menstrual problems. Namely, I was passing golf-ball size clots, and I was passing a good 5-8 of them every two hours. The first time it happened, I was at work with blood running down my legs, soaking my pants and pooling in my socks and shoes. The doctors at the emergency room did a pelvic exam, shrugged their shoulders, and told me some bullshit about women having painless miscarriages during their periods. FAIL... This happened month after month after month...

I could still go on and on, but at this point I will stop.

In March of this year I decided to try one more time, and I found a holistic endocrinologist and was blown away at what this team of ladies had to tell me. NOT DOCTORS. They were an ex-nurse and an acupressurist who specialized in endocrinology and nutrition. I REPEAT, THEY WERE NOT DOCTORS. They ran their tests on me... as it turns out, every organ in my body is inflamed, which I probably could have told them just based on the amount of pain I was in. But they did their in-office tests, did a $25 hair sample, and came back with a definite answer; I was allergic to wheat, gluten, yeast, and corn, and I have adrenal fatigue and both hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia (which I've "known" for 20 years, but no doctor ever acknowledged). The funny thing, is that years earlier I suspected the first three on that list and had done an elimination diet that eventually didn't work- I never felt better on the diet, and things didn't get worse when I added stuff in. Of course, it didn't work because I was testing wheat, dairy, and yeast at the time, NOT CORN which is a serious allergen that the FDA doesn't recognize as such because it isn't labeled as such on ANYTHING.

So anyways, due to a cascade effect of immune response, failure to absorb nutrients, and the subsequent hormonal imbalances, I managed to hit over 90% of the symptoms of food intolerance for four major foods, and in over twenty years NOT ONE DOCTOR KNEW. One out of 160 people have an intolerance to gluten alone, AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. Just about everyone is looking at Celiac disease and waiting for the supposedly tell-tale signs of bowel problems in order to diagnose (which I NEVER had).

Ok, so I'm gonna make a list here of what I've had over the years.. all of these are SYMPTOMS for which mainstream doctors have all sorts of pills and magic potions to cover up, because no one (physicians) really knows what causes them:

early puberty
short stature
estrogen dominant
menstrual cramps
heavy bleeding
mysterious weight gain/loss
attention deficit
memory failure
high blood pressure
extreme fatigue

Ok, so what have I learned in 8 weeks?

First of all, there is no more comfort food for me, and no more convenience foods, PERIOD.

Bread, crackers, yogurt, unwashed grapes, alcohol, wine vinegars, and 99% of cereals and condiments are OUT.

Gluten-free soy sauce is unpalatable.

Gluten-free waffles and rice spaghetti (the European kind, not the Asian noodles) have the grosses texture imaginable.

The gluten-free section of the supermarket is NOT my best friend because MOST things that are gluten-free are made with corn flour instead (a lot of good that does!)

You cannot find much of anything that doesn't have corn starch, corn syrup, wheat flour, yeast extract, MSG oat/barley/rye (the regular stuff with gluten) in it, or any other derivative of my four allergens. So I don't even bother looking.

By FAR, corn is 20 times worse to avoid than wheat + gluten + yeast. Somehow a few manufacturers have jumped on the anti-high fructose corn syrup campaign... It's gonna be a while about the corn starch...

There is literally nothing I can eat out except 1) plain salad with no dressing (sometimes I'm lucky and I can dump some olive oil on it, and if I'm REALLY lucky they'll give me a lemon, but I do have to pass on the pre-shredded cheese because THAT is dusted in corn starch, the deli meats because they are usually a no-go), 2) baked potatoes with real butter and nothing else (can't even trust sour cream if it isn't Daisy or Breakstone's), 3) steamed veggies, and 4) plain steaks.

LARABARs and KIND bars are my BEST friends (but don't tell my nutritionist about the KIND bars because I'm not supposed to have any white sugar, period!).

Nuts, boiled eggs, and veggie omelets get tiresome very, very quickly.

What has happened in 8 weeks of not eating my four forbidden foods and taking my (temporary) supplements?

My blood pressure has gone down to 110/70.

I've lost 13 pounds.

I can sleep about 6 hours straight with no interruptions (then I lie awake for 2 hours, and get about one hour after that).

I am not fatigued during the day, AT ALL. 80-90% if days I do not need a nap anymore.

80% of the body aches and pains are gone.

50% improvement in my skin and hair.


I've had only two headaches.. one was a mild hypoglycemic one from skipping lunch one day because I was out and about and literally couldn't find anything to eat. The other was a god-awful migraine that left me incapacitated for 3 days, that started 4 days after I accidentally at some corn-starch dusted pre-shredded cheese.

NORMAL periods.

I can find my car in a parking lot! (hahahaha)

So, yeah, there it all is.

The really, really messed up thing though.... Is that when I was 12 and the problems started to seriously kick in, is precisely when GM food hit the market for the first time. And when I had the stroke, was right after GM corn illegally hit the market.

Think about it.

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PostMon May 09, 2011 9:11 pm » by Senior2k9

WOW, ive just sat here and read all of that........ and ............ what has been said about the doctors and other "Trained" proffesionals sickens me, They are getting ENOUGH money for there "Qualifications" but took them all that time and still didnt find the problem? ........... I really feel for what you've been through and it actaully saddend me reading this. You've been through alot! and im glad u eventally found out what was causing the problems and have a better quality of life........... again im really sad to hear about somebody being in that much discomfort and pain. :'(

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PostMon May 09, 2011 9:19 pm » by Boondox681

this is beautiful socks.not the 'story',but you sharing your story.thank proud of've
been through a lot,but that gives you the appreciation that many don't have.

i'm truly glad to hear your doing good
take care and stay on that yucky diet of yours,dammit!

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PostMon May 09, 2011 9:28 pm » by Ironlikealion

wow sock ,you have quite a story , I'm happy to hear that you found the causes ,
hope everything will work for the best for you, thanks for sharing .

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PostMon May 09, 2011 9:31 pm » by Dustnbones

I'm glad you found something that seems to be working. I know how frustrating it is feeling badly year after year and doctors just try to treat the symptoms. Been there! I've also heard a lot of good things about gluten free diet. I eat a lot of gluten free foods and am trying to slowly go completely gluten free.

I won't even give my dogs treats made with corn. When I used to give it to them, my 1 year old Doberman (who is high energy anyway) would get really high strung and my older dog gained weight super fast.

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PostMon May 09, 2011 9:36 pm » by TheDuck

I'm a bloke (one that sucks at this stuff :D)

Glad you've hopefully got it sorted now though, keep your head up Sockie :wink:

Funnily enough yesterday half hour before lunch I ate a corned beef sandwich and then went out for lunch half hour later (at work) I couldn't even eat my other sandwich because I was shaking and feeling really rough, ate a chocolate bar and that calmed it down a little, thought I was turning diabetic or something and having an attack, felt like passing out most of that day :nails:

I reckon (hopefully) because your food takes about 36 hours to properly digest it was because all I ate the day before was two pieces of toast and a macdonalds fries and burger (was recovering from heavy night drinking) never Normally eat maccies EVER really just got the mrs to grab us one on the way back. Won't be doing that again lolz

Ps. I'm trying to gain weight, I normally eat breakfast cereal in morning, a couple sandwiches at work, a couple sausage rolls, choc cake bar and chrisps. chicken/fish when I get back then my normal tea about an hour later.

So I guess it was because I didn't eat much the day before, weird, never felt that messed up before... :think:

Thanks for sharing, if this seems rushed I am playing Poker and watching a series on strange ways prison aswell :hugging: - Premium E-liquid

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PostMon May 09, 2011 9:44 pm » by fossileyesed

thank you sock.i have someone in mind that might find this usefull.
alot of your same symptoms.i got my diet down to the minimum,and am feeling pretty good.definetly feel better.i would probally die if i couldnt eat bread,lol.

:hugging: glad you are feeling better
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PostTue May 10, 2011 12:04 am » by 99socks

fossileyesed wrote:thank you sock.i have someone in mind that might find this usefull.
alot of your same symptoms.i got my diet down to the minimum,and am feeling pretty good.definetly feel better.i would probally die if i couldnt eat bread,lol.

:hugging: glad you are feeling better

Yes yes, please share!

And I forgot a few problems that should have been on that list...

-ovarian cysts
-heartburn (extreme)
-eye twitching (I am not even kidding! And no I am not lying either! :mrgreen: )

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PostTue May 10, 2011 12:30 am » by Lowsix

brave as hell to share all this here.

I'd add to it, but there isn't anything i haven't said to you in person.

Like rubbing it in when im eating bread.
Or corn. Or....pasta...all of which id give up the ghost without.

ps i took the braverman.

says im fucked.
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PostTue May 10, 2011 12:39 am » by Hesop

I've had kinda a rough year and a half. Similarities are all over the place.
Glad you found an answer, and hope like hell it continues to work for you.
Yer a good gal. I'm proud to have had the experiences we shared here.
I know it's not easy to lay out personal stuff here, and it's obvious why you did.....simply for the benefit of others. An unselfish act to be applauded. Much respect to you girl.
Are you still (sorta) my neighbor?
Is it windy outside right now?


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