My Thinking: Our Universe has a boundary

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PostSun Dec 09, 2012 2:44 am » by theclarificator3

Maybe it sound weird.
But I have the theory that our Universe isn't infinite at all.
Since we currently measure the distance of very far galaxies and stars by very inaccurate methods as light brightness and color spectrum, we are probably not understanding how the structure of the Universe is.
Another dilemma is that if you stand on any other galaxy inside our observable Universe it would look like if everything is expanding far from you, so there is an incoherence inside this observable fact.

My theory could be wrong but since I started to study the Universe I always believe this intuitively.
Our Universe maybe are not what the people think is.
I have the notion we are living in an artificial Universe with clear boundaries.

Thousands of others Universes coexist within our Universe in the form of immense torus shaped bubbles which are connected in their holes with transmission "cables" or tubes.
These Bubble Universes are all connected to a main source.

Now, in our Earth-Universe (and maybe all others) there is a boundary where the creators have designed an Holographic covering or skin formed by thousand stars and galaxies, that are only projected images on the internal curve of the torus.

That could explain why at any place in our Universe you see the expanding motion. But is not expanding at all, but the holographic image is just zooming out. If this is true we can answer some of the inexplicable questions of the Universe.

But it pose an inevitable deception: we are a product of someone else that use each Universe like growing fields or maybe to play with us like an avatar in their PlayStation game.

To detect if this holographic skin is real, we must travel to the edge of our Earth-Universe and try to block the signal or the transmission of the image, but this is thousands of years ahead of our current technology. The creators of this artificial universe may gave us some freedom inside their rules, but not too much power to reach the boundary of our own Universe.

Consciousness could be just a form of energy that they transmit within the tubes from the surge to us when we come to the earth in physical body. Our mind could be just like a downloaded program inserted in our body. Of course, God would be out of the equation, in terms we are used for the secret purpose of others. Our freedom would be not freedom at all and we are either real and partially manipulated or everything could be just artificial. It really depends on the intentions of our creators.

The only form to be sure if our physical body is real is to travel within the tubes and try to go outside the system. If we can meet our creators then surely we are physical, otherwise we are just virtual entities. And they will be probably thousand times bigger than us in size, considering their ability to create entire bubble universes with solar systems, stars and galaxies and vast holographic enclosures.

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PostSun Dec 09, 2012 3:44 am » by Lucidlemondrop


you think in a fun way

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What a long strange trip it's been..............

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PostSun Dec 09, 2012 5:31 am » by Canubis

the universe indeed has its boundary, there are other universes all with there boundary of time space, all 9 are a single ALL in the infinite void, to leave this time space would cause the HOUNDS of the barriers to pursue your soul for ever in angles and your only hope is to move in always curves :)

the reason behind 9 separate time spaces are simple, LAW needs time to grow into other LAWS, each time space it at a different stage in LAWs simply put 1 law cannot exist without the other and as the universe grows, as do its laws. the 1st law the be born in a universe is TIME :)

theclarificator3 how did you come into wisdom like this? and why did you put it in HOAXES?
All is 1 but 1 is many, When many become 1 the All will become Greater then 1

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PostSun Dec 09, 2012 10:52 am » by Crolin

The speed of light is the boundary, once we break light speed we exit this realm. Ufo's appear in this reality when they travel slower then light speed and then disappear when they exit this frequency range and return to the other realms, so the boundaries of the universe are wherever you can break light speed

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PostSun Dec 09, 2012 10:58 am » by Crolin

Just like Star Trek first contact, when they first reach warp speed then they ae noticed and contacted by the vulcans. I think the film was trying to tell us something else, like that's where the aliens exist or come from- beyond light speed

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