Mysterious Stone chambers / magnetic anomalies

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PostSun Jan 31, 2010 1:34 am » by Blotto

maybe the anomalie is recording your life, and the aliens are having a hoot, you might be a big tv star off planet, truman style, or maybe there just keeping an eye on you. does your friend take pics ? wonder if he would catch similar anomalie.

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PostSun Jan 31, 2010 2:34 am » by Whaleylakeufo

blotto , that WOULD be a trip my friend !
All I can say is this , once you have been 15 feet from a craft from another dimension , anythings on the table , and really nothing could be considered "out there"
I do know the media is controlled beyond most anyones conception , required reading material for anyone that views the "news" is "The Missing Times" by Terry Hansen
The more one looks , the more one must step back to attempt to see the big picture , its huge.
But alas its only an illusion that we manifest through our very thoughts and vibratory frequencies.
Imagine peace.

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PostMon Feb 28, 2011 5:26 am » by Ayoung2112

Hi neighbor (WhaleylakeUFO), I have been studying these chambers for sometime now. I started reading Phil's books since I saw him on UFO Hunters. I am 6 houses north from the chamber on the corner of South Road and Holmes Road (been here since 1997). Just before the 1st snow this winter I visited the King's Chamber off the Taconic. I have been to Reservoir Road and Ninham Mountain as well as the Route 301 chamber on the bend. Would like to meet you for coffee one day.

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PostFri Apr 13, 2012 12:33 pm » by Beanspiller

whaleylakeufo wrote:Here in NY state we have the highest cluster of ancient stone chambers , these chambers are built over or near strong magnetic anomalies , one in Brewster NY is so powerful the aviation maps have it so planes can avoid it.
A friend and author Phil Imbrogno who co authored Night Siege was doing research regarding the Hudson Valley UFO wave in the Eighties and found that these stone chambers showed up in areas of high UFO activity .
Recently I began visiting these chambers as I live within 20 minutes of the bulk of these places and last year captured what I will call a plasma light in the daytime with my family while near Ninham chamber , since then I have captured more plasma lights and they seem to be at my home .
I will post some of my pictures and a video of Phil speaking about the chambers . ... 98814.jpeg ... 11859.jpeg ... 20133.jpeg ... 40931.jpeg ... 83845.jpeg ... 11121.jpeg


could you tell me a bit more on the type of rock they are built from ,especially the ones you believe to be the most ancient.I,m working on a theory that aliens love volcanic rock like granite.where i live in uk we have lots of sightings and we are on a seam of granite.most sightings are near granite quarries.also many local names end in ley .and the highest point in the area which now has a military radio mast is called portway hill.


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