Mystery noise in Florida rumble

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PostMon Mar 21, 2011 3:27 pm » by Iamthatiam

demobe wrote:he he he funny man G :D

have you tried it out?

and thanks for the links :flop:

Isnt workin for ya?


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PostMon Mar 21, 2011 8:41 pm » by Bigdad

boundlessearth wrote:
realorfake wrote:
boundlessearth wrote:I saw this shit in the NW. few weeks back told my roommate just as a note to kinda of thing. I saw for only a brief second a large 'millenium falcon' rounded type vehicle moving over the trees. Every dog was barking in the neighborhood and it seemed like a large plane to me however being somewhat of a plane hound I can say without doubt it was no plane I have ever encountered. Nor was it some anomaly based on low clouds, I have heard that and this is more clear and involved revolving high pitched. The thing that freaked me out the most is even though the thing went over the trees just as I walked out I heard if for ever, at least a couple minutes which for a jet or something would be highly unlikely unless it was turning, it was not. Thanks for the post!!

natural gas pipeline testing in florida... it has been confirmed... u by any chance see a blimp?

Uhhh no, I grew up in H-town next/near to a Good Year Blimp base, was one of the lucky ones to actually ride in the bad boy over my house!! Again, I have been around nearly every type of known craft, including many air shows, nothing my friend.., nothing rumbles like that and doesn't have a replicator on board for your refreshment needs! :banana: :mrcool:

Boundless,I lived in Enchanted Oaks (1974 to 1984) right by the Goodyear Blimp base!Even worked there in high school! Small world! :flop:
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PostTue Mar 22, 2011 12:03 am » by Boundlessearth

'Boundless,I lived in Enchanted Oaks (1974 to 1984) right by the Goodyear Blimp base!Even worked there in high school! Small world! '
1960 area in the house!! Would you agree then that this sound was far from norm and for sure not a blimp? Seriously just based on the final parting waves of the sound, this was no blimp, helicopter maybe, but do they shake the ground.. not likely. I think this 'ship' was correcting some of electro field disturbances the ATS post is so focused on at the moment. The light flashed may be indicator lights from this process. Somebody come up with anything better and I am all ears. :headscratch: :think:
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PostTue Mar 22, 2011 12:07 am » by Mozi!!a

iamthatiam wrote:
demobe wrote:he he he funny man G :D

have you tried it out?

and thanks for the links :flop:

Isnt workin for ya?


its all good M8 :flop:

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jesse89202 wrote:

Upload to

I read this post yesterday and it does sound vague and weird.

Though, last night while I was at work I heard a very similar sound with the vibration (while I was outside).

I work near a military installation and last night they were firing the engines on one of their very large AWACs whose cheesy and loud engines can sound like 100 tornadoes approaching.

The pitch and the rumble feeling were practically identical to the audio in this vid.

I would be interested to find out if these folks were located near a similar installation.

Just a thought.

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PostSat Apr 09, 2011 1:27 am » by W0538812

Hey i was searching the internet for these events. We are expierencing them in Windsor, Ontario Canada as well. Sounds like a semi-truck idleing through the house/ground, sometimes raddle the house a little bit. Our local paper just did a story on it.

I find it disturbing other people are expierencing this in different areas. Here are some things around the Windsor area that could be responsible. The Ambassador bridge connecting Detroit and Windsow, the salt mines, power plant, wind mills.... does anyone expierencing this event have a same stuff near by or something like i mentioned? Maybe we can track this down to its source. We don't have natural gas pipeline testing going on that im aware of...
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