Mystery of the Devastating Russian "Tunguska Event" Solved

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...How many Mainstream Theories can you find here....

Mystery of the Devastating Russian "Tunguska Event" Finally Solved

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Published on Jul 2, 2013

Some theories had involved a natural H-bomb, antimatter, and even a black hole passing through Earth.


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Nope...i don't think they've got it right this time either.

The fact is, those meteorite fragments can be found all over the world, pretty much everywhere. Especially in the Northern hemisphere.

Want to know what caused Tunguska?

Methane. Lots and lots of methane building up into a large pocket...until it blew...with a massive force. This is why there is no large fragments, apart from tiny traces being found, which are ALL over siberia...look on GE and see just how many thousands of meteorite impacts there are in that area...most of them date back to 13,000 - 15,000 years ago, the evidence for which points to the massive worldwide peppering of many fragments that devastated the Northern hemisphere at that time.

Brought an end to the last major ice age, killed off 70% of animals and plants around at that time, and caused massive floods and mega tsunamis all over.

Also brought on the 'younger dryas'...a mini ice age that came a relatively short time after the main ice age ended...the Dryas lasted only 1500 years instead of millions though.

Scientists (a dedicated team) have found the evidence for this over N. America, Europe, Middle East, Asia. The evidence is in thousands of impact sites, micro spherules (iron rich micro spheres) and 'nano diamonds' (tiny diamonds formed from the heat and pressure when a meteorite strikes the Earth) and a layer of rich, carbon ash found at the same depth around the NH. The layer dates to 13000 - 15000 years ago.

This impact is thought to have given rise to the legends from 500+ different and ancient peoples around the Earth of a great flood. (after the ice age ended)

But Tunguska was a super massive methane or natural gas explosion.

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