Mystery Parachuters Land In Downtown NYC and Disappear!

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Mystery Parachuters Land In Downtown NYC and Disappear!

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Published on Oct 1, 2013

Police are still searching through video to find out where these guys came from and went to .

Mystery parachuters land in downtown New York

Matt Picht —

Two people apparently found the perfect way to beat New York City’s infamous traffic: skydiving straight into downtown.

At around 3 a.m. Monday morning, security cameras captured two people in dark suits and helmets parachuting into the city. The suspects landed near the Goldman Sachs building and disappeared. (Via NY1)

The mystery jumpers walked off the scene without being picked up by a vehicle. New York police are scrutinizing the footage to identify the suspects, and figure out from where they jumped. (Via New York Post)

But the big question remains: why pull a stunt like this in the first place? Is it a PR gambit? A daring thrill ride? Or a fundamental misunderstanding of the term “golden parachute?”

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters the motive is still unclear.

“No banners, no notes were left. Obviously its still something that’s under investigation.” (Via ABC)

The stunt mirrors another high-flying skyscraper skydive earlier this year, when three men parachuted off the roof of the Trump Tower in Chicago. Those jumpers also remain at large. (Via WMAQ)

Authorities are currently investigating the New York incident as a stunt rather than something more sinister. ... ork/nbCGh/


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