NASA says Mars discovery isn't 'earthshaking' after all

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PostTue Nov 27, 2012 6:57 pm » by The57ironman

masteruniverse wrote:i told you guys they wont tell you anything , nasa really does stand for bullshitters , god there so boring its unreal.

well if wee make next year ill have some earth shattering news myself , next year i will be going to the masses to start a program to the red planet myself only it will all be secret apart from we are going to get there ,look over the whole planet and then send samples back to here in the uk , we wont hide the truth , this has to be done now as you cannot rely on the american people as in nasa twats to tell truth next year im going to get all the funding i can to do this project and prove them dicks wrong and tell the truth sick of it watch out nasa im coming for you.


....i hope you don't think that ''twats'' from any other country are going to be ''uncontolled'' by TPTB... :mrcool:

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PostTue Nov 27, 2012 7:18 pm » by Savwafair2012 ... 1_DXXX.jpg

Nope nothing to see here move along ladies



That shit sure as hell looks artificial Right? It even has the hanger doors wide open.

And check this out same image look close and you can see a truck of some kind kicking up dust



Here is the link if you want to find more

as always your are SVW
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