Nature's reaction to 1814 White House burning was biblical!

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There are countless examples from history of proof that there is a 'God'. I'll briefly give just one...

The War of 1812 continued into 1814. In September of that year, the British sailed up the Chesapeake and marched on Washington, DC. They met very little resistance as they entered the US Capitol. The then unopposed British set fire to several Federal buildings including the White House! While the fires still raged, suddenly a hurricane passed over the Capitol and some claim to have even seen a tornado come down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the British! Not only was the White House fire and others put out by this great storm, the incredibly strong winds reportedly tossed British cannons into the air! When the storm was over, the British regulars and officers were so spooked by what had just happened, that they retreated - unopposed - to their ships and sailed off. (Google it.)

- Brad Watson, Miami
author of There Are No Coincidences - the "book/scroll" prophesied in The Revelation 5:1-10:10

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Nature is always a powerful thing.

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