Navy's Mach 7 gun can kill from 100 miles away

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PostSun Dec 12, 2010 11:27 pm » by Spreadthetruth

The world can never have enough guns--at least not if they embody exciting new ways to destroy people and things that look wonderful in movies. So here is a weapon that seems to be the sheer personification of gun fun.

It is being tested by the U.S. Navy, and it seems to have some pulsating technical features. It doesn't rely on an explosive charge to propel a bullet toward a bad guy. Instead, Fox News informs me, it expels bullets along parallel rails. The bullets, thanks to the cheery push of an electromagnetic current, spring out at speeds of up to Mach 7.
More Here ,This thing is amazing . ... _away.html

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PostSun Dec 12, 2010 11:31 pm » by Harbin

Looks as though it uses a considerable amount of power and I am curious as to how it would be installed in Navy ships in a practical, deployed, configuration.

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PostMon Dec 13, 2010 12:01 am » by Eldorado's the problem with bragging about 100 mile range using a rail gun.......

If the shell fired is the solid projectile designed to pierce the hulls of will that work when the fucking earth is round.......the projectile will hit the earth or water......and the only way to get that to go 100 miles is to be at the elevation of 1000' above sea level.....impossible in a ship of even the largest kind of military carriers.

A 200' high ship will disappear over the horizon after 20 miles......I don't think that this will have much application in the navy against a ship as a lobbed dead weight travelling at mach 7......when they have planes to drop huge bombs, torpedoes, and ship mounted artillery cannons and defense missiles that work that much better at longer ranges..........tommahawks go 1550 miles and carry 1000lb of high explosive.........

This thing is a pea shooter.................but it might have a larger application like a Supergun.........or an earth-to-space payload delivery system.

Another example of science and the military spending millions of hard earned dollars and doing nothing with it. :badair:

Also why all the fire and smoke if there is no explosive charge???????
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PostMon Dec 13, 2010 12:07 am » by Smokeydog

wtf this isnt new this is well old i saw that thing fire ages ago its even refered to in transformers 2 where he tells them to fire the experimental rail gun at the thing climbing the pyramid :S

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PostMon Dec 13, 2010 3:20 am » by Glenn

I agree with eldorado, obviously it needs to be made much smaller, and if it is it can be placed on aircraft, where it will be very effective. :flop:

Nice post spreadthletruth :flop:

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