Nearly 40 protesters killed in Syria protests (today)

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PostSat Apr 23, 2011 3:48 pm » by Ironlikealion

spock wrote:
2020vision wrote:Why when providing an informed opinion you neglected to spell the leaders names correctly? ie: kadaffi and assaad? when in fact they are called Ghaddafi and asaad?.

In Fact? :headscratch:
So which one is it: Gadhafi? Gaddafi? Khaddafy? Kaddafi? Qaddafi?

yeah it's pretty obvious that what he tried to do is to divert the thread to a different
direction ,a more personal and flammable direction ,while of course ignoring the death toll
cause like i said ,as long as Israel or the west are not involved ,it's perfectly fine with these
hypocrites that people are being killed .
tbh i knew i was misspelling their names but i didn't bother correcting myself because
it's not important and not the issue ,the issue is the violence this people commit ,not how
we spell their names , beside, i think assad suits him way more then asaad .

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PostSat Apr 23, 2011 3:51 pm » by 99socks

spock wrote:The Christian Science Monitor reported Tuesday that there is no across-the-board accepted authority for transliterating Arabic names, hence no one can seem to determine the correct spelling of the name.

I'm surprised at this, considering there has been an international standard for transliterating Arabic for over 20 years.

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PostSat Apr 23, 2011 10:03 pm » by Tuor10

That whole region is one big powder keg.
I think I would rather ride a horse personally.
Oil just isn't worth it.

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PostSat Apr 23, 2011 10:31 pm » by Ironlikealion

2020vision wrote:With respect i think you are too quick to point the finger because of a simple question, of which i have now admitted was pretty much premature thanks to spocks previous post.

maybe i did pointed a finger too fast , if that's the case i apologize , it just seemed
bizarre to me ,since i know how some people get over emotional for much much less
in "various other" conflicts , and here you seem to care more about spelling then the fact
that all most 100 people were killed yesterday in Syria .

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PostSun Apr 24, 2011 2:00 am » by Pestcontrol

ironlikealion wrote:
pestcontrol wrote:Well ghadaffi has been supported by the west for over forty years, most of the worlds leaders can be seen hugging, kissing, shaking his hand,

He wasn't always supported by the west ,but he was forgiven for his actions in
the past and was accepted to the international community with open hands.
and he even sat on the NWO human right comity, oops i mean UN human right
comity .

pestcontrol wrote:so i wonder what has changed?, so all of a sudden he is killing hes own people?.

he is the ruler of Libya from 1969,he had plans for his sons to take the leadership after
he is gone , that's what dictators do when someone threats their authority .

so let me get this right ? you are denying that people get hurt in Libya and Syria ?
you actually think this is some kind of PTB treachery to deceive you ?

Did i say that?, of couse you have a MSM hotline straight in to libya, all i am saying is that he is the same now as when he was supported by the west., the people threatning his authority have guns and cruise missiles.

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PostSun Apr 24, 2011 4:09 am » by Eliakim

Ok so where exactly are the cruise missiles? The photographer that sent his twitter before he died said 'No NATO'.

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PostSun Apr 24, 2011 7:06 pm » by 99socks

Easter canceled in Syria

The country's Christian population has been forced to abandon its usually colourful and exuberant commemorations because of the number of "martyrs" who have died and the "bad situation", a senior church official told The Daily Telegraph.

The whole country is braced for a wave of protests on Friday, despite an announcement that President Bashir al-Assad had signed a decree lifting the 48-year state of emergency, a key demand.

Government promises of reform combined with violence by armed plain-clothes security forces have only served to bolster the opposition, who are planning more demonstrations after regular Muslim Friday prayers.

But today these will clash with Good Friday services, which would normally see processions and public gatherings by Syria's Christian minority, estimated at between 1-2 million, or around five per cent of the population.

"We are not receiving official congratulations," Bishop Philoxenos Mattias, Assistant to the Syriac Orthodox Church Patriarchate in Damascus, the country's biggest Christian denomination, said.

"All of the Syrian churches have decided this together because of the bad situation and because of the martyrs who have died in recent days, out of respect for them."

He said services would still take place inside the churches, but all street processions and public music performances had been cancelled. "We decided to postpone them till next year," he added.

Normally streets in the Christian quarters of Damascus and other cities would see parades by uniformed marching bands and choirboys and even re-enactments of the Crucifixion.

One nun, speaking from her monastery but asking not to be identified, said Christians were afraid even to come to church.

"They do not feel safe," she said. "There aren't going to be any celebrations, but just prayers inside church. On Palm Sunday we canceled the celebrations too.

"Things are not good here – how can we celebrate? People are very sad. We cannot celebrate because of all the martyrs who have lost their lives and because of all the destruction that has taken place. We are only going to pray."

The decision by the churches was said to have been taken in consultation with the authorities but not on their insistence.

The official churches of Syria tend to be very pro-government. They regard its aggressive secular agenda as a key reason for the lack of anti-church violence by Muslim fundamentalist groups of the sort that has decimated Christian populations in neighbouring Iraq and seen widespread emigration elsewhere in the region.

Whether those feelings are shared by younger members is less clear.

Christian imagery was posted on the "Syrian Revolution 2011" Facebook page, calling for united Good Friday protests.

President Assad finally signed the decree lifting the state of emergency, imposed when the Baath party under his father Hafez al-Assad seized power in 1963, yesterday afternoon, following a month of demonstrations in which more than 200 people have been killed.

State television announced that demonstrations were legal "in line with the constitution" though they had to be licensed by the interior ministry. The state security court, which tried dissidents, was also abolished.

But opposition figures said the change was "useless" without other reforms such as an independent judiciary and accountability for the security forces, and there were signs that both protesters and security forces were preparing for more confrontations today, including in Homs, where at least 20 protesters were killed in clashes last weekend.

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PostSun Apr 24, 2011 7:59 pm » by Ironlikealion

Five Syrian policemen killed, 5 others injured in attack on checkpoint

Five policemen were killed and five others were injured in a shootout with a group of gunmen who attacked a checkpoint in Nour town on the outskirts of Damascus, an official source said here Saturday evening.
"The shootout caused the death of two gunmen as well as the injury of five other with varying wounds," the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted the same source as saying.
The source said that one of the military checkpoints at Izraa Area came under fire from an armed group, though military elements opened fire on the attackers in what caused the death of two military guards, and one of the attacking armed group and the flight of others.
An official source said yesterday the killing of eight, and the injury of twenty eight others including servicemen in an attack launched by an armed group against the Izraa Directorate, and a military checkpoint there. ... anguage=en

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Syrian tanks roll into Daraa, fire at protesters

Mon Apr 25

Thousands of Syrian troops backed by tanks on Monday launched assaults on the flashpoint towns of Daraa and Douma, firing indiscriminately and leaving bodies in the streets, witnesses said.

Rights activists also reported security force raids in the town of Al-Muadamiyah near Damascus, while Amman said Syria had sealed off its border with Jordan.

One witness spoke of five people killed in Daraa when their car was raked by gunfire while activists reached by telephone said they were unable to count the number of dead and wounded as army snipers on rooftops were preventing people from leaving their houses.

"We saw with our own eyes, they were in a car that was riddled with bullets," the witness said, adding that he was on a rooftop and could hear intense gunfire reverberating across the southern town near the Jordanian border.

A massive crackdown was also underway Monday in Douma, 15 kilometres (nine miles) north of Damascus, a rights activist said, reached by telephone.

He said communication network was also cut in the town as he spoke from the edge of Douma.

Rights activists said a 3,000-strong military force swarmed into Daraa in the early hours of Monday, with tanks taking up positions in the town centre and snipers deploying on rooftops.

"Snipers have taken up positions on the roofs and tanks are in the centre of the town... Bodies are lying in the streets and we can't recover them," one activist said, asking not to be named for security reasons.

Activist Abdullah Al-Harriri told AFP earlier on Monday: "The men are firing in all directions and advancing behind the armour which is protecting them.

"Electricity is cut off and telephone communications are virtually impossible," he said.

Jordan's Information Minister Tahen Adwan, meanwhile, said Syria had sealed its border with Jordan, a few hours after the start of the assault on Daraa, around five kilometres (three miles) from the frontier.

"Syria closed its land borders with Jordan. The Syrian decision is related to the internal situation in Syria," Adwan told the state-run Petra news agency. ... 0425110341

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