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Necessary Illusions - propaganda and YOU!

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PostTue May 18, 2010 10:04 pm » by Mep630

news & propaganda - engineering consent

If you help the Oppressors, eventually you and your family will be oppressed.

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PostTue May 18, 2010 10:08 pm » by Harryjackson

mep630 wrote:news & propaganda - engineering consent

Propaganda was used in World War One as in any war - and the truth suffered. Propaganda ensured that the people only got to know what their governments wanted them to know. In World War One, the lengths to which governments would go to in an effort to blacken the enemy’s name reached a new level.

To ensure that everybody thought in the way the government wanted, all forms of information were controlled. Newspapers were expected to print what the government wanted the reader to read. In fact, though this would appear to be a form of censorship, the newspapers of Britain, effectively controlled by the media barons of the time, were happy to play ball. They printed headlines that were designed to stir up emotions regardless of whether they were accurate or not. The most infamous headlines included:
i) “Belgium child’s hands cut off by Germans”

ii) “Germans crucify Canadian officer”

These were designed to develop and strengthen the current of hatred that was already engendered in Britain. The same thing was done in Germany – untrue headlines were tolerated and even encouraged by the German authorities. Some headlines were:
i) “French doctors infect German wells with plague germs”

ii) “German prisoners blinded by Allied captors”

If people dont look,they follow.

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