Netanyahu's Magic Marker and the Red Line!!!

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PostSat Sep 29, 2012 12:34 pm » by Harbin


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I couldnt believe what I was seeing when this was shown on the news. Im used to retarded content in that sense, no question. But this.. This takes it to a whole other level. A picture of a cartoon bomb, drawn up in three levels, topping it off with marking the last line with a red marker. Dont know whether to laugh in ridicule or cry in sheer hopelesness.

I mean, is this an insult - purely drawn from a sense of patronizing, condenscending considerations towards his public.. Is this born out of the level of intelligence they attribute to 'the non- Israeli'? Im just flabbergasted. Feels like a scene from a bad comedy, like a scene from 'Idiocracy'.

What went through the heads of the Israeli PR people who thought this up?! And who convinced Netanyahu this would be profitable in that context? I just cant wrap my head around it. Probably just as well, these people have some serious issues. Very, very dangerous - and these individuals have one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world. One of the few who wont admit it, and openly lie about it.
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Bibi was a member of special forces Sayeret matkal...

I guess it all went down the drain for him after Uganda incident in 1976. when his older brother Yoni was killed by PLO and German leftist terrorists.

Anyways, you can hardly kick off the old habits :




It's just like some of the ex-soldiers go to Academi or some other mercenary organisation, after they've been discharged. Bibi went to the politics instead.

Sad business down there...

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PostSat Sep 29, 2012 2:09 pm » by MikSny

Pictures speak a thousand words they say.
If Iran doesn't get the message, oh well, there not very bright then.
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PostSun Sep 30, 2012 10:36 am » by Perronick

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It started a long time ago (but not, unfortunately, in a galaxy far, far away):

1984: Soon after West German engineers visit the unfinished Bushehr nuclear reactor, Jane’s Defence Weekly quotes West German intelligence sources saying that Iran’s production of a bomb “is entering its final stages.”US Senator Alan Cranston claims Iran is seven years away from making a weapon.

Seven years away? And did they have a bomb in 1991?

1992: Israeli parliamentarian Binyamin Netanyahu tells his colleagues that Iran is 3 to 5 years from being able to produce a nuclear weapon – and that the threat had to be “uprooted by an international front headed by the US.”

1992: Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres tells French TV that Iran was set to have nuclear warheads by 1999. “Iran is the greatest threat and greatest problem in the Middle East,” Peres warned, “because it seeks the nuclear option while holding a highly dangerous stance of extreme religious militancy.”

1992: Joseph Alpher, a former official of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, says “Iran has to be identified as Enemy No. 1.” Iran’s nascent nuclear program, he told The New York Times, “really gives Israel the jitters.”

So was there a bomb by the late 1990s?

1995: The New York Times conveys the fears of senior US and Israeli officials that “Iran is much closer to producing nuclear weapons than previously thought” – about five years away – and that Iran’s nuclear bomb is “at the top of the list” of dangers in the coming decade. The report speaks of an “acceleration of the Iranian nuclear program,” claims that Iran “began an intensive campaign to develop and acquire nuclear weapons” in 1987, and says Iran was “believed” to have recruited scientists from the former Soviet Union and Pakistan to advise them.

1997: The Christian Science Monitor reports that US pressure on Iran’s nuclear suppliers had “forced Iran to adjust its suspected timetable for a bomb. Experts now say Iran is unlikely to acquire nuclear weapons for eight or 10 years.“

So now we’re looking at a nuclear-armed Iran by 2007. Scary stuff, right?

2007: President Bush warns that a nuclear-armed Iran could lead to “World War III.” Vice President Dick Cheney had previously warned of “serious consequences” if Iran did not give up its nuclear program.

2007: A month later, an unclassified National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran is released, which controversially judges with “high confidence” that Iran had given up its nuclear weapons effort in fall 2003.

June 2008: Then-US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton predicts that Israel will attack Iran before January 2009, taking advantage of a window before the next US president came to office.

May 2009: US Senate Foreign Relations Committee reports states: “There is no sign that Iran’s leaders have ordered up a bomb.”

And Iran still doesn’t have a bomb today — all of those reports, all of that scaremongering and warmongering was wrong. Both the CIA and Mossad agree that there is no specific evidence that Iran is working on nuclear weapons today. And many experts believe that even if Iran were working on a bomb it could take up to ten to fifteen years. ... more-54468

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