New Accusations Against Marlow Police Officers.

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New Accusations Against Marlow Police Officers

Posted: Dec 07, 2009 6:57 PM PST
Updated: Dec 07, 2009 9:06 PM PST
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More Marlow Officers Under Investigation

More Marlow officers are under investigation. The department is already under investigation by the OSBI and FBI.

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Attorney James Kee said girls, now adults, have come forward with accusations of molestation against some Marlow officers.
By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

MARLOW, Oklahoma – A small force in Stephens County is already under investigation by state and federal authorities but new controversy is brewing as two more Marlow police officers are accused of criminal conduct.

One officer has resigned, another is still on the force, but together they join the growing list of Marlow cops accused of corruption. In Stephens County, many share the district attorney's opinion of the Marlow Police department.

"I don't completely trust some of the officers at Marlow," said District Attorney Bret Burns.

The D.A., who has already asked the FBI and OSBI to investigate the department and its chief, has now confirmed another officer is under investigation. Richard Garrett, a 5-year veteran of the force, is now under investigation.

D.A. Burns said Garrett is suspected of stealing money from a driver during a traffic stop. Garrett resigned last week, just days after the council met to discuss the department's downfall. Burns said he's recused himself from this case, but his office is being asked to look into another.

"We've had several young girls contact us concerning allegations against one of the officers," said James Kee, with Kee & Archer Law Firm.

Attorney James Kee said at least eight girls, now adults, have come forward to say they were molested by a Marlow officer who is still on the force.

"The allegations that we're hearing, again we've got no proof other than what they've said, and that's been turned over to the proper authorities. We understand that they were sexually molested by this officer and another officer that's already been incarcerated," said Kee.

That officer, Tomas Deleon, was convicted in 2004 on five counts of lewd molestation of children and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Kee said if someone else was involved, that person should also pay for the crime.

"It's hurt these girls really bad and if it's true what they're alleging, this guy needs to be put away for the rest of his life," Kee said.

Kee said there's likely more victims out there and he's hoping they'll come forward. He goes on to say he'd like to see the OSBI investigate these claims.

The city has appointed former Duncan police officer Jimmy Williams as Marlow's interim police chief.

The former chief and two of his officers were suspended following allegations that they lied under oath and tampered with evidence in a drug case. :ohno:
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give a guy a gun and a badge and look what you get.saddened..yes,

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Just keep in mind that this is proof that it can happen but not that it happens in all departments.

Another case of America's innocence being peeled away one incident at a time. We are not the land of the free and home of the brave. We are a land of people whom are just as easily corrupted as any other people and we should remember that.

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