New Apollo 20 Videos

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PostFri May 23, 2008 9:20 am » by Ericisaclevergi

starfire wrote:poor mans paper machete
Scissors are better...and cheaper,too.

Sorry :)

Anyway,here's my two cents......

Latex surgical gloves?I didn't see any....or is the owner of the hand confident that his immune system can fight anything?

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PostTue May 27, 2008 1:28 am » by Baboogdi

An obvious fake if it is meant to be from on board a spacecraft. Watch when the guy tosses the camera or whatever it is around. It wants to fall indicating the presence of gravity. A fake and not a good one in my opinion

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PostWed May 28, 2008 5:53 am » by Millie

hey guys. i had a weird thing happen to me. about 2 weeks before the ebe video was posted, i had a dream (one of many) that a fleet of about a thousan ufos were in the sky over our town and that they started landing. some aliens came in my house and they were 2 females and they had native american features with bone straight hair. when i sow the video i felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up because she looked almost exactly like the one in my dream. i dont know what to think. iv had many dreams about mass sightings and feel like im always waiting for something to happen. what do you think?

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PostSun Jun 08, 2008 12:12 am » by Anunaki

Unfortunately..I didn't have a chance to see what the alleged William Rutledge posted before he claimed that his account was hacked on youtube. My guess is that it is possibly true inasmuch that the few videos he did post legitimately under his own name prior to the hijack appeared to be genuine footage and was extremely well down if not fake. Especially the 'flyover' before landing where he radios in the coordinates of the various dimensions of the ship.
A movie under his name later surfaced that showed the ship, even closer and that's where I draw the line. It does look like a clay model and badly done. That movie was later exposed easily by turning up the brightness to reveal what resembles a coil like telephone cable nearby. Can't help but wonder if that was intentional to discredit the previously released movies he released prior to his account hi-jack..
Anyhow.. it's an intriguing story and quite believable once you filter out all the 'there was no apollo 20 mission' threads and accept that it may have been possible to depart from Vandenberg without notice. that's the clincher.. not that there was an Apollo 20 but if a saturn 5 rocket could take off in the dead of the night with few to no witnesses. I don't know where Vandenberg is relative to its local population.. I just know that it is on the opposite side of the US to Nasa and is frequently used for military satellite launches.
As for the mona Lisa footage.. I've read a transcript of him talking about it but not been able to tie that to any definite footage yet. I suspect the footage that was released was in fact a clay model, again to discredit him. It looks like clay.. especially the hair when close up. The facial features were very well done however and especially the difference between the freeze and thaw states and how the skin coloration changed in much the same way as we would under the same circumstances. Can only keep an open mind on this and secretly hope its true.. cos I thought that alien was gorgeous :P amiright? I'd ..... .. ... .. .... ... ... [CENSORED] :P

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PostThu Jun 12, 2008 7:12 pm » by Ufoinvestigator

i dont know if it is real or fake, but I do know that when i lived in Florida, i would see lots of things shooting off into space that NASA wasn't telling you about, at least 2 to 3 times a week. There could have been a 20 and many more after. Only they know for sure.

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PostThu Jun 12, 2008 9:34 pm » by Kellenpsullivan

I agree with annunaki. Who knew aliens could be hot? (star trek aside of course). Im on the fence on if this is real, but if it is it could explain the origins of us sheeple!

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PostThu Jun 12, 2008 11:51 pm » by Foghornusa

First of all, I do not see the comparison to Mona Lisa; if anything, there seems to be a resemblance with a Chinese goddess called Quan Yin, especially because of the "third-eye".
The clay-like appearance of her skin would indicate fakery at first glance, if one did not take into account a statement made by William Rutledge in his interview, that her entire skin was covered by a thin protective layer. As to the cables that look like q-tips, one wonders as to their purpose. The most obvious reason for them would be to keep the eyes shut and the mouth open, which would imply two assumptions; one, that she was 'embalmed' after the 'crash', and two, that the intention was to keep her alive (moisture retention in the eyes/ breathing without restrictions) Also, it is highly unlikely that a 'faker' would conceive of such a farfetched idea of attaching such devices to her face. There are obvious scalloped stretch marks on her right cheek, which indicate stress applied to her skin during the opening of the mouth. After removal, her lips indicate obvious tissue damage, which is also hard to duplicate with a clay figure. The hair is finely divided into individual strands and even features a head band. Then there is the instrumentation panel of the lunar craft; the 'faker' would have had to have access to a 'grounded' LM, most likely on a NASA site, with a clay figure, plus sufficient time alone to pull off this stunt! - which makes the idea of fakery even more unlikely, albeit not impossible... The problem I am having is her supposed extreme antiquity of 1 billion years plus... I find it hard to comprehend how human or alien tissue could remain intact that long... May be someone can clue me in. Mike


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