New being called "eternal child" - Uzuli Undine in Poland

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Hay, I'm actually read this site
and I'm shocked :shock: This is amazing, that's gas giant Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune :o

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Use the translator

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Field Balancing-protective-focused eye shell, the shell of the eye

Field Balancing, protective shell-focused eye is one of the fields to ensure stability and the possibility of actually depriving creatures of masks in the face "threats" posed by the extreme activity kłębowiska thought about the nature of addictive and asymilacyjno-transforming the frequency spectrum of the first half of the continuum of dimensions. Organization of the visual field jet stream resembles the shell of the eye, "shell", where the energy we are moving in a spiral from the core of the conscious sphere of the window - the star, surrounding the channels of the body in essence, it combines a bunch of the twelfth point, it is the "floating" center where there is an eternal child awareness of infinity in its original "as" indeterminate. Interestingly, this field resembles those educated in the first half of the frequency spectrum of the dimensions of the creatures known as snails, however, for obvious reasons - the state of the molecular building blocks of creating these fields, they differ, but the essence of the cochlea, being somewhat protected by their respective field, feel the energy balance as a result of arrangement of forms corresponding to the shape of a spiral.

Field Balancing, protective eye-focused shell is produced by being the eyes - morphic spheroid moving in space continuum size bubbles and a few other types of creatures plasma. It can be created also in the first half of the continuum spectrum of dimensions in the conscious sphere, where the guests or other eye being able to maintain them. Among the myriad manifestations of the eternal child's awareness of the infinite cluster in the area of ​​bubbles are the most common are three main types of boxes, protective and balancing Balancing, protective and protective-focused. These are called here is merkabah, eye shell and tetra elementary barriers - the protective field, which surrounds the essence of being in symbiosis with various types of disasters beings, including those known here as "land", "water", "fire" and "air" is just a small part of a sizeable family of these creatures. In terms of the frequency of the third dimension of the shell field of eye can be misinterpreted by being hypnotized with a very limited perception, as the "evil eye", a potent symbol of the "magic", "all-seeing" eye kłębowiska negative pole of thought about the nature of addictive. Field Balancing, protective eye-focused shell - shell of the eye, has nothing to do with an "evil eye", this symbol was created by the most powerful manifestation of the extreme negative kłębowiska thought about the nature of addictive for inspection by the most powerful beings of a lower frequency than This sixth dimension. However, it happens that these two activities of energy - an eye-shell "and" evil eye "can by" short time "be able to" confront "in the frequency dimension of the sixth, when the essence of an eye or other eye prerequisites box shell, face a clear manifestation of a continuum of sizes suction with the vulnerable by the powerful creatures of the extreme clutter of negative thinking. Then the work here very subtle threads of particles penetrating each other with tremendous speed. Their behavior indicates non-compliance to meet the aspiration of symptom manifestation manifestations demaskującego progress bar completely negative pole, is one of the "battles" in the frequency of the sixth dimension. Body bundle Indigo beings by their very nature open to the infinite, is naturally compatible with shell eye field and from field merkabah - balancing the two extremes and the nature of polar-called "feminine" and "masculine."

Like the field mekrabah Golf eye shell spreads over the "area" from the core of pale green conscious sphere, surrounding the body being in a continuum of frequencies by the dimensions of the window - the star of the "mobile" center of infinity eternal child. While the field is the field markabah about the nature of protective and balancing, an additional shell eye field due to their primary education in the frequency dimension of the twelfth, is characterized by seeing the whole creation in its real form, so that what lies behind the masks of the negative pole of the creatures that imitate positive pole (Sanat Kumara, Metatron, St. Germain and many other secret brotherhoods impersonation by bodies called "Illuminati" along with others). If these creatures perceive that they have been exposed by the field of eye shell seeing things as they are, they suffered convulsions as a result of the expansion of the field of symptom eye shell like a "bubble spiral", often consisting of other beings that resonate with infinite consciousness. Convulsions intensify, the negative pole of the creatures blocking the opening of the tufts of green heart chakra and the other, possible showers. If the degree hypnotise these creatures is very deep, they feel more "pain" and a variety of energy shocks, leading to postradania senses, not only in the frequency of the third dimension. If these sentient beings expanding field of eye shell fail to open the strands of yellow and green and blue, convulsions disappear and experience being an unknown to them so far in the frequency sense of calm and balance, which is a gathering of fresh air in the face of the fact the real prospects for freedom, the total independence and self-sufficiency. In this context, the field of eye shell acts as the essence of healing the negative pole, with the condition that healing-oprzytomnienia is open bunches of yellow and green and blue in the initial phase of the awakening of the eternal child's speech, and thus avoid the "pain", which is an illusion often the basis for the interpretation of the eye field through the shell substance, as actions "evil eye".

This is the translation...didn't help me....

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Hm Is there any possibility to translate this perfectly ? There is some strange news from some extrasens being who wrote this in trans stage... Language is difficult, but..

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I will tall you a secret. He is illuminated but he is writing in polish. Peace.

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phillip4871 wrote:I will tall you a secret. He is illuminated but he is writing in polish. Peace.


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Nice fuck the pic

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shaman used to have a trick,whereby they made themselves appear taller,by manipulating there energetic field,it was an illusion,created by the wilful manipulation of our energetic field of consciousness and being,this explains why the eye perceives and can do the same thing as a response to threat,like a chameleon or dragon changing colours,a spider playing dead,or feathers going up on a bird,similar.
with the power of soul,anything is possible
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there is Uzuli's new materials


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